Top American lawmakers welcome PM Modi to US ahead of his visit

Washington: Top American lawmakers have issued a series of video messages welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his Official State Visit to the US next week and said they are eagerly looking forward to his address to the Joint Meeting of the Congress.

Prime Minister Modi is visiting the US from June 21-24 at the invitation of US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. They will host Modi at a state dinner on June 22. The visit also includes an address to the Joint Session of the Congress on June 22.

He will address an invitation-only gathering of diaspora leaders from across the country at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington on June 23.

This is a historic moment in the relationship between the two countries, the lawmakers said.

“I would like to join the vibrant and important Indian American community in my home State in saying welcome to Washington DC Prime Minister Modi,” said Senator Robert Menendez, Chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“The Prime Minister’s state visit is a significant moment in the US-India relationship,” he said.

Menendez, who represents the State of New Jersey in the US Senate, hoped that Modi will have the opportunity to experience all the richness of the United States during his visit.

“Whether it is the incredible architecture of the capitol dome or the deep generosity of the American people, I wish him well on his visit to Washington.

“From our trade and economic engagement to our security cooperation to our people, to people ties, the India-US relationship is critically important. We have made considerable strides in recent years, and I hope for even more in the future,” Menendez said.

Congressman Gregory Meeks, Ranking Member of the House Foreign Relations Committee, said he warmly welcomes Modi on his upcoming visit to the United States. “Given the consequential nature of the United States and India’s relationship, I look forward to hearing from the Prime Minister during our joint meeting of Congress on his vision for India, for India’s relationship with the United States,” he said.

The US and India’s partnership has only grown in importance over the course of the past 40 years, Meeks said, adding that the relationship has been strengthened by people-to-people ties with over four million Indian Americans, many of whom live in the city of New York.

“We can leverage this vibrant diaspora to enhance our cooperation and create greater opportunities for the people of our two great nations. As it has been said, the United States in the relationship will be one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century,” he said.

Congressman Greg Landsman said India’s prime minister will be visiting America and the largest and oldest democracies will have a great opportunity to strengthen bilateral bonds.

“We share common threats and believe in common values. Looking forward to the arrival of Prime Minister Modi in Washington DC next week. India is a key partner in our efforts to strengthen democracy in the U.S. and around the world,” said Congressman Don Bacon.

Eminent Indian American leader from New Jersey Dr Sanjay Gupta applauded Congressmen and senators for sending messages ahead of the State visit.

“The fact that the Chairman US senate foreign affairs committee, Senator Menendez has gone out of his extremely busy schedule and, in a very short time request, in preparing a video with a great welcome message for PM Modi speaks highly about the recognition and importance of this historic visit by PM Modi,” Gupta said.

“I personally have not seen such a welcome before for any other world leader and this unprecedented gesture really speaks volumes about PM Modi’s influence and outreach world-wide,” he said.

Congratulatory messages and greetings for the Prime Minister have started pouring in from across the country.

“Hello Prime Minister Modi, this is Delaware Governor John Carney. I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to the United States of America. I hope you enjoy your time here in Washington DC. This visit will serve as another way to strengthen India US economic and cultural relationship,” he said.

“The US and India have an important relationship and collaborate in diverse fields like medicine, technology, and sustainable growth,” said Congressman Troy A Carter, adding that he looks forward to hearing the prime minister’s address to the Congress. Governor Laura Kelly of Kansas described it as a historic visit.

“Kansas has an important and growing relationship with the people of India. An ever-increasing number of Indian students attend our universities and our vibrant well established Indian American business community makes important contributions to our economy every single day.

“We Kansans join our fellow Americans in wishing you a productive time here in the United States. And we look forward to the opportunity to expand our already significant engagement with India in the weeks and years to come,” she said.

Seattle Deputy Greg Wong said the city and region is a major hub in the economic ties between the two countries and home to a growing Indian diaspora community.

“As we look to the future, we hope for even closer connections between the US and India, whether it’s partnerships on technology, trade, or combating climate change, closer bilateral cooperation is key,” he said.