TN Guv’s allegation on two-finger test, false: Health Minister

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Governor R N Ravi’s allegation of a two-finger test on minor girls in Chidambaram is false and the health department, upon verification, found no such test was done, State Health Minister Ma Subramanian said on Saturday.

Accusing the Governor of being vindictive towards the State government, Subramanian claimed Ravi attempted to portray something that had never happened. “He had accused the police of booking cases against the Dikshitars (priests of renowned Nataraja temple in Chidambaram) for performing child marriages and claimed two underage girls were subjected to a two-finger test, which is not true,” the Minister said.

Speaking to reporters here Subramanian said, despite the state police issuing a rebuttal on the issue on May 5, it has become necessary for him to clarify the subject.

Dismissing an allegation that the police booked cases against the Dikshitars after the Social Welfare department complained out of vengeance, as untrue, a release from the DGP office had said the Chidambaram town All Women Police station registered four cases under various sections of the IPC including child marriage and arrested 8 men and 3 women in this regard.

The police had also denied that two girls studying in class VI and VII were forcibly subjected to a two-finger test and the charge that they later attempted to commit suicide as contrary to truth.

“The Governor is trying to find fault through a magnifying glass hoping to target the State government and has levelled allegations against the government on May 4,” Subramanian said.

Ravi spoke something which has not happened and this was unbefitting the position he holds, the Minister claimed.

“His allegation is utterly false. The health department, which looked into the case history and treatment given, also scrutinised the records. The records clearly state that the two-finger test has not been performed on the girls,” Subramanian claimed.