Tamil, Telugu signages to be installed in Ayodhya for devotees arriving for Ram temple consecration

Ayodhya (UP): Signages in Tamil and Telugu, among others, will be installed in the city, keeping in mind the likelihood of a large number of devotees arriving from the southern states to pay obeisance at the Ram temple, officials said on Thursday.

The consecration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya will take place on January 22.

Direction signages will be placed to guide the devotees. For the convenience of devotees arriving from various parts of the country, the signboards will be in different languages, including those spoken on a large scale such as Tamil and Telugu, Additional Director General of Polce Piyush Mordia said in a statement.

Plans have been made to mark the routes leading to the main temple and create arrangements for the movement of devotees on these routes, he added.

Vehicular movement will be restricted on the routes where the devotees will walk, he said.

It is being ensured that where vehicle access is necessary, it will be seen that it does not hinder the movement of others, the official said.