Parliament’s session may be short but is big on occasion, is of historic decisions: PM Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that this Parliament session may be short in duration but is big on occasion, and is of “historic decisions”.

In his remarks to the media ahead of the five-day session, Modi noted that Parliament will move to the new building on Tuesday as he asked MPs to join proceedings with new enthusiasm while shedding old shortcomings, an apparent reference to frequent protests by opposition members during previous sessions, causing disruptions.

He highlighted India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission, the “unprecedented” success of its G20 presidency, the launch of ‘PM Vishwakarma Mission’, and inauguration of international convention centre Yashobhoomi, asserting that many developments which have inspired the country and filled it with pride have taken place.

There is an atmosphere of festivity and enthusiasm, and the country has been filled with renewed self-confidence, he said, asking parliamentarians to give maximum time to the short session.

There will be a lot of time left for “rona dhona” (whining), he said in a jibe at the opposition which has been criticising the government over the session, which is unusual for its timing.

The journey of 75 years will now continue from a new destination, the prime minister said, urging members to pitch in with a new resolve, energy and confidence.

The country has to become developed by 2047, and all new decisions for this will now be taken in the new building, he noted.

It will be a valuable session, he said, adding that the shift to the new building will happen on Ganesh Chaturthi and that Lord Ganesha is revered as the God which removes all obstacles.

There will be no obstacle in India’s development journey and the country will fulfil all its resolves and dreams, the prime minister said.

Citing success of India’s moon mission, he said it will bring innumerable possibilities and opportunities to the country’s doorstep. It is a source of inspiration and pride, he added.

Referring to the success of the G20, he said it reflected India’s true federal spirit as events were held in over 60 cities. It became a celebration of India’s diversity, he said.

It will also give pride to India that it became the voice of Global South, with the African Union being admitted as a member. The Summit declaration was adopted unanimously, an indication of India’s bright future, he asserted.