Cong slams govt for not filling up vacancies in its departments

New Delhi: The Congress targeted the BJP-led Centre on Tuesday for not filling up vacancies in central government departments, saying they have doubled to 30 lakh ever since it assumed power in 2014.

Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge also accused the Narendra Modi government of being “anti-Dalit, anti-tribal, anti-backward and anti-economically weaker sections” and said that is why it is not filling up those vacancies.

He shared a chart of the percentage of vacancies as compared to the number of sanctioned posts in the central government and said it has doubled from 11.57 in 2014 to 24.3 in 2022.

“The priority of the Modi government has never been to fill the vacant posts. As compared to 2014, the vacancies of civilian jobs in the central government have doubled. Altogether, 30 lakh posts are vacant in government departments,” Kharge said in a tweet in Hindi.

“The insensitive Modi government is anti-Dalit, anti-tribal, anti-backward class and anti-economically weaker sections, that is why it is not filling up the vacant posts.

“By distributing a few thousand recruitment letters, Modiji is throwing dust in the eyes of youngsters in a bid to garner applause,” the Congress chief said.

The Congress has been targeting the Modi government for not creating jobs for youngsters as promised before it assumed power at the Centre.