Jesus Christ inspiration for humanity: BJP chief Nadda after visiting Delhi’s Sacred Heart cathedral

New Delhi: BJP president J P Nadda visited the Sacred Heart cathedral here on the occasion of Christmas on Monday and hailed Jesus Christ as an inspiration for humanity.

Nadda met senior priests at the cathedral, in what is being seen as part of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) outreach to Christians. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also visited the cathedral on Easter.

After his visit to the cathedral, the BJP president said Jesus Christ dedicated his life to peace and harmony and is an inspiration for humanity.

“I was fortunate to visit this church on the pious occasion of Christmas. We took the blessings of Jesus Christ,” he told reporters.

“All of us know that the life of Jesus Christ is a source of inspiration for the entire humanity. He dedicated his entire life to humanity,” Nadda said.

Everyone must take inspiration from Jesus Christ’s teachings, preaching and contributions to humanity, he said, adding, “He dedicated his entire life especially for peace and harmony in the society, taking everyone along.”

“We pray to Jesus Christ that we dedicate ourselves to humanity, peace and everyone’s progress in our country and all over the world in a cordial atmosphere while keeping in mind the path shown by him,” Nadda said, adding, “This will be our regards for him.”

The BJP has been making efforts to connect with the Christian community leaders, especially in states like Kerala where Christians are in large numbers.

The party has cited its improved poll performance in the northeastern states, which have a sizeable Christian population, as a proof of its increasing acceptability among them.