India proudly acknowledges Christian community’s contribution: PM Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi heaped praise on the Christian community on Monday for its role in giving direction to the society and sense of service, and said the country proudly acknowledges this.

In an interaction with the members of the community at his residence here on Christmas, Modi recalled his old, intimate and warm relations with Christians, and said they have always been at the forefront in serving the poor and deprived.

The institutions run by the community in the health and education sectors continue to make big contribution across the country, he said.

Modi said Jesus Christ’s life message was centred on compassion and service and he worked for an inclusive society where justice was for all.

These values are serving as a “guiding light” in his government’s development journey, the prime minister said, and also noted that the Upanishads, considered the fount of Hindi philosophy, also focused on realising the absolute truth like the Bible.

People can focus on their shared values and heritage to move forward, and the spirit of cooperation and coordination, coupled with the spirit of “sabka prayas”, can take the country to a new height, Modi said.