Book provides tips on losing weight, improving overall health

New Delhi:┬áHolistic health expert Dr Mickey Mehta’s new book “Weightless: Unburden” combines Vedic wisdom and modern science to help people lose weight as well as improve their immunity and overall health.

The book seeks to simplify ancient insights from shastras for modern-day life as Mehta tries to be a mentor, coach, and guide for the readers.

The book, published by Popular Prakashan, emphasises the importance of cleansing and purification to get rid of impurities that we consume through our body, mind, and soul.

The author recommends ”Weightless” as a guide towards achieving Ashtanga of yoga principles and Vedic wisdom, which he says can lead to ultimate freedom and liberation.

He says his book is not just about weight loss but gaining health, with a four-week plan consisting of workouts, breathing exercises, food, meditation, and chanting.

”Weight loss is an outcome. So, while you lose weight, you gain health. Lose it all – to gain it all! When the weight of your being goes down, the weight of your eating automatically disappears. Diseases are seeded in our consciousness, manifestation happens in our physicality,” Mehta writes.

The focus is on becoming weightless, free from the burden of pride, anger, gluttony, avarice, and sloth, and sailing through life in sync with cosmic harmony, he says.

”Weightless: Unburden” talks about the importance of integrating wellness into daily life by committing to daily workouts. The author suggests gradually adjusting one’s schedule to find the time for a 28-minute session every day.

”Wellness is the biggest integrating force. Through it, the mind, heart and soul of people can pulsate and celebrate together,” the author says.

”Our body, mind, and our entire being are filled with junk. Emptying the junk is emptying it all. ‘Weightless’ is all about being empty of everything that we consume. Everything consumed by our sensory perceptions, our mind, our body and yes, by our soul. It’s about letting go of it all and unburdening yourself,” he writes.