AIG to train 2000 Surgeons at their doorstep

Hyderabad: AIG Hospitals, one of India’s largest tertiary care centers, Tuesday flagged off a state-of-the-art vehicle equipped with latest technology for surgical training. This is being done with the collaboration with Johnson & Johnson.  The vehicle starts its journey of 100 days covering 28 government and private medical institutions across 14 cities in 4 south-Indian states.

“AIG has always been at the forefront of medical training and with this new initiative, our objective is to train the practicing surgeons at their doorstep even in rural areas. They will get expert tips & tricks from AIG faculty and get hands-on experience in the vehicle itself on animal tissue models. Over 100 days, we aim to train over 2000 surgeons,” Dr. D Nageshwar Reddy, Chairman, AIG Hospitals said.

The vehicle is especially designed to cater the growing needs of the surgical community and will be used to train general surgeons, GI surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, cancer surgeons, cardiac surgeons, among others.

“This vehicle is one-of-a-kind designed by the Johnson & Johnson Global team, with a total of 16 stations, 8 for wet-lab training which can be used for basic procedures like suturing to advance anastomosis and 8 stations for simulation training where surgeons can get an immersive experience of complex surgical procedures. All these while maintaining a complete sterile environment. We are sure that all budding surgeons as well as those working in peripheral institutions will benefit from this facility coming to their doorstep,” Dr. GV Rao, Director & Chief of Surgery, AIG Hospitals said.

Commenting on the initiative and the vehicle, Anuj Virmani, MD, J&J MedTech India said “The Advanced Surgical Training Bus from J&J Institute is a marvel of modern technology, equipped with the latest medical advancements and simulators, creating a realistic surgical environment. It is meticulously designed to replicate an actual operating room for surgeons to get lifelike scenarios, performing intricate procedures, and refining their skills without the pressure of a real-life operation.”

The simulator suite on the bus is the crown jewel, offering a wide range of virtual reality modules. Surgeons can engage in everything from basic skills training to complex surgeries, tailored to their specialties. These immersive simulations provide invaluable hands-on experience, allowing for error analysis and feedback, ultimately leading to improved clinical outcomes in the operating room.

“One of the key advantages of the “Surgical Training on Wheels” is its mobility factor. It can travel to remote or underserved areas, reaching surgeons who may have limited access to advanced training opportunities. Additionally, it can visit medical schools, teaching hospitals, and conferences, allowing for continuous education and skill development throughout a surgeon’s career,” Dr. Rao further added.