US singer Mary Milben greets Indians on Independence Day

Washington: India has been shaped by centuries of diverse cultures and traditions and stands united under the banner of freedom, American singer Mary Millben has said as she greeted Indians on the country’s 77th Independence Day.

Millben, 41, performed for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and guests in Washington on June 23 at the concluding event for the first Official State Visit of the Indian leader to the United States.

In a moving video released on Monday, she said: “On this Independence Day, take a pledge to take your country to greater heights.” “Channel your passion into purpose, your ideas into innovation, and your challenges into opportunities. Always remember that the power to transform lies within you, waiting to be unleashed,” she said.

Stand as a beacon of hope for the world, proving that when a nation unites with a common purpose, there is no goal beyond your reach, Millben urged Indians.

“As you celebrate the freedom won by your ancestors, recommit yourselves to the ideals that define their nation – justice, equality, and progress,” she said.

The future belongs to those who dare to dream beyond their circumstances, who believe in their potential to shape a better world, she said.

“Each one of you has a role to play in this journey. Be it in science, art, business, governance, farming, or on the battlefield, your actions echo through time, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of your nation,” Millben said.

“As you stand on the brink of another Independence Day, let us reflect upon the extraordinary journey that has brought you here. On this historic occasion, you are not just commemorating a date; you are honouring the relentless spirit, the unwavering determination, and the undying hope that birthed a nation,” she said.

India, a nation and civilisation that has been shaped by centuries of diverse cultures, languages, and traditions, stands united today under the banner of freedom, she said.

“Your forefathers, who braved countless sacrifices, dreamt of a land where every citizen would breathe the air of liberty and walk the path of progress. Their vision has become your legacy,” said the African-American singer.

“Let this day remind you that the spirit of independence is not just a memory; it is a torch that continues to guide you forward. It calls upon you to embrace unity in diversity, to celebrate the power of togetherness, and to harness the potential that lies within each one of you,” she said.

“As you unfurl your Tricolour flag, let its saffron represent courage and sacrifice, its white symbolise peace and truth, and its green embody growth and abundance. But let us not forget the wheel, the emblem of progress, reminding you that your nation’s destiny is in your hands,” she said.

Today, you stand at the cusp of new horizons. Your challenges might be many, but so are your capabilities, she said.

“Embrace the potential to surpass your boundaries, drawing motivation from the remarkable heritage of visionary leaders, such as His Excellency Prime Minister Modi and Her Excellency President Murmu, who illuminate the way to greatness, adorned with devotion, resilience, and unwavering conviction,” Millben said.

Formally invited by the Steering Committee for Prime Minister Modi’s Official State Visit in June, Millben performed the Indian national anthem to an invitation-only Diaspora event hosted by the United States Indian Community Foundation (USICF) at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington.

She made her first historic trip to India in August last year and performed at the country’s Independence Day celebration as an official guest from the United States. She was invited by the Government of India, the Ministry of External Affairs, and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.