US re-engagement with China to have no implications on strong ties with India, QUAD: Official

Davos: The United States’ re-engagement with China should not be seen as having any implication on the strong ties it has with India and its commitments to the QUAD grouping, a top US official said on Wednesday.

The US has been re-engaging with China at various levels after months of no contact with military as well as political leaders, which had triggered concerns about a possible confrontation between the two countries.

The official said the re-engagement is primarily aimed at having better bilateral relations, especially on the economic and business front, which both countries believe is important.

But it should not be seen as having any consequences on the US’ strong relations with India and QUAD, which remains very important at strategic level for the US, the official added.
The four-nation bloc QUAD (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue), comprising India, the US, Japan and Australia, has often been seen as a counterbalance to China in the Indo-Pacific.
The idea for QUAD was first mooted in 2007 and the four countries have since then deepened their strategic ties significantly.