Umesh Shukla’s next film an adaptation of ‘A Don’s Nemesis’

Mumbai: Filmmaker Umesh Shukla of “102 Not Out” fame is set to direct the book-to-screen adaptation of “A Don’s Nemesis”.

The book revolves around the single-hand pursuit of don Ravi Pujari by Dr Amar Kumar Pandey, a retired IPS officer and former Director General of Police, Karnataka, across the globe and finally locating, identifying, arresting and extraditing from the West African country of Senegal to India.

Shukla termed “A Don’s Nemesis” Pandey’s insightful journey.

“… it’s a story which I think every Indian should know about. It is an inspiration and showcases the dedication of our Indian Police Force to bring justice at any cost,” the director said in a statement.

“A Don’s Nemesis” talks about the journey of getting Don Ravi Pujari to face the law in India and make him answerable to the citizens of the proud nation, said Pandey.

“It is an important case in my service as a police officer and I think the journey needs to reach everyone to understand the diligent work of Indian police officers and the unshakeable faith in the fact that the perpetrators would always be brought to justice,” the author added.

The project will be produced under the banner Merry Go Round Studios and Seeta Films & Productions Pvt Ltd backed by Rakesh Dang, Umesh Shukla, Ashish Wagh and Madhukar Verma.

The adaptation is currently in the pre-production stage.