Rahul stopped to go to Sankardeva’s temple in Assam

Nagaon (Assam): During a law and order crisis, everyone can go to the birthplace of Vaishnav saint Srimanta Sankardeva, only ”Rahul Gandhi cannot go”, the Congress leader said in Assam’s Nagaon on Monday.

Gandhi was stopped at Haibargaon en route to the sattra (Sankardeva’s birthplace) where he along with senior Congress leaders and supporters staged a dharna while party MP Gaurav Gogoi and Batadrava MLA Sibamoni Bora proceeded to the birthplace to resolve the issue.

After they returned, Gandhi told reporters that just like Sankardeva, ”we also believe in bringing people together and not spreading hatred”.

“He is like a guru to us and gives us direction. So I had thought when I came to Assam, I should offer my respects to him’, he said.
Gandhi said they had received an invitation to visit Sankardeva’s birthplace on January 11 but ‘on Sunday we were told that there is a law and order situation’, he added.
“This is strange as there is a law and order situation in the area, but Gaurav Gogoi and all can go but only Rahul Gandhi cannot go’, he said.
“I don’t know, there may be some reasons but I will go to Batadrava when I get an opportunity. It is my belief that both Assam and entire nation should follow the path shown by Sankardeva’, he said.