Rafale jets carry out long-range mission in Indian Ocean Region

New Delhi: Four Rafale fighter aircraft of the Indian Air Force carried out a “strategic” mission over the Indian Ocean region for over six hours, in a significant demonstration of their long-range combat capabilities, people familiar with the operation said on Wednesday.

The jets took off from the Hasimara Air Force station in the eastern sector, carried out the mission involving various manoeuvres and simulated operations and returned to the base after meeting the desired results, they said.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) carried out the mission at a time China has been ramping up its presence in the Indian Ocean region, which is largely considered as the backyard of the Indian Navy.

A Rafale jet can carry two of the Scalp missiles, which have a range of 500 km, and is part of the weapons package.

“When you know how to be Smart and Pretty — Ways of the World”, the Indian Air Force tweeted while sharing the images. The images show a Rafale carrying a Scalp missile on its ‘centreline’ pylon (the weapon station mounted at the centre of the fuselage).