Modi is the ‘best leader’ for India and for relationship between two countries says US singer Mary Millben

Washington: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the “best leader” for India and for the relationship between the two countries, Mary Millben, a prominent African-American Hollywood actress and singer, has said noting that many in the US desire to see him re-elected so the ties can continue to be strengthened to greater levels.

Millben, 41, also said that she believes that “the Prime Minister is on track to win in May.”

“I tell you certainly there’s a lot of support for the Prime Minister here in the United States. I believe many desire to see the Prime Minister re-elected because again, he’s the best leader for India,” Millben, a popular African American singer and actress told PTI in an interview on Thursday.

She has a huge fan following in India, in particular after her rendition of the national anthem “Jana Gana Man” and the popular Hindu song ‘Om Jai Jagdish Hara”.

India is headed for general elections in 2024. The US is headed for its presidential elections this November, and she is supporting former US president Donald Trump.

She sang India’s national anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana” at an event in June in the US during the prime minister’s state visit.

“This election season, I believe, is going to be one of the most important election seasons for the United States, for India, and for the world. So there’s a tremendous responsibility that we all have and carry as citizens. It’s my encouragement, certainly to all of my beloved family in India to make your vote, your voice heard in this election season,” she said.

“Certainly, it’s no secret…all of India knows that I’m a big supporter of the Prime Minister and believe that he’s the best leader for India and he’s the best leader for the India-US relationship. These are the times when we as citizens need to be vocal, sharing our convictions, sharing those things, those policies that are important for our countries and certainly to our leaders. But we hold the power to bring change to our countries,” she said.

“We hold the power to usher in the policies that are best for all people. So I hope that every Indian citizen will make their voice and their vote heard during this election season, as I know well here in the United States,” she said.

Prime Minister Modi, she said, has done extraordinary things to position India as a real economic player, not only in the region but across the world.

“His policies for advancements in technology certainly promoted women in leadership. Of course, he was the reason in many ways that we saw the rise of President (Droupadi Murmu) as president and certainly his efforts to populate the Cabinet with more women leaders,” she said.

“I think that’s a great example and testament to the commitment to bringing in greater diversity into leadership; policies that are pushing efforts toward developing young leaders in India, I think is very important. Setting a precedent for the next generation, coming into leadership in India that will be great players in the world, that is evident, certainly in the Prime Minister’s leadership,” she added.

“Then, of course, what we all know is how the prime minister’s policies have placed India on the map as a real economic player. The advancements in trade, certainly his infrastructure policy, you could go on and on about the things that the Prime Minister has done that make him the right candidate and the right leader to continue leading India to greater heights,” Millben told PTI.

“As it relates to the United States, he is the best leader. There is no competition there. I hope that he’ll be re-elected so the US-India relationship can continue to be strengthened to greater levels,” she said.