Manipur deep wound on the nation; Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi: ┬áCongress Parliamentary Party chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday issued an appeal for peace in violence-hit Manipur and said the unprecedented violence that has devastated the lives of people of the state has left a deep wound on the nation’s conscience.

In a video message shared by the Congress on social media, she expressed sadness that people were forced to flee the only place they called home and leave behind all that they had built over their lifetime.

“It is heartbreaking to witness our brothers and sisters who have coexisted peacefully turn against each other,” she said in her message.

Gandhi said the history of Manipur stands testament to its ability to embrace people of all ethnicities, religions and backgrounds, and the myriad possibilities of a diverse society.

“It takes tremendous trust and goodwill to nurture the spirit of brotherhood, and a single misstep to fan the flames of hate and divisiveness,” she noted.

“Today, we are at vital crossroads. Our choice to embark on the path of healing will shape the kind of future that our children will inherit. I appeal to the people of Manipur, especially my brave sisters, to lead the way in bringing peace and harmony to this beautiful land,” Gandhi said.

The former Congress chief said that as a mother, she understands their pain and appealed to their good conscience to lead the way.

“It is my sincere hope that over the coming weeks and months, we will set out on the long journey of rebuilding trust and emerge stronger from this trial. I have immense hope and faith in the people of Manipur and I know that together we will overcome this ordeal,” Sonia Gandhi said in her 2.5-minute video message.

The Congress has been accusing the BJP of playing “divisive politics” in Manipur and alleged that the governments in the state and at the Centre have failed in their duty to maintain law and order in the northeastern state.