LS polls slipping out of Modi’s hands: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi claimed on Thursday that the Lok Sabha election is gradually slipping out of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s hands and he will now try to enact some drama to divert the attention of the country’s youngsters.

In a video message, the former Congress chief urged young people not to get distracted by the prime minister’s propaganda and assured them that once the INDIA opposition bloc forms its government on June 4, it will start the work to give 30 lakh jobs to them by August 15.

Describing youngsters as the country’s strength, Gandhi said the ongoing Lok Sabha polls are slipping out of Modi’s hands and he will not be the prime minister anymore.

“Modi’s guarantee: Adanis’ government – The country’s wealth in the pockets of billionaires; donation business extortion gang; Constitution and democracy are over; farmers facing a paucity of finances; the difference is clear!” the former Congress chief said.
“Congress will create crores of millionaires in India and Modi ji knows that the election has slipped out of his hands,” he said.
Addressing a rally in Amravati, Gandhi on Wednesday had claimed that ten years of the Modi government saw only 22-25 persons becoming billionaires on the back of a Rs 16 lakh crore loan waiver, but if the INDIA bloc comes to power, it will make crores of people “lakhpatis”.
Gandhi had also said no force in the world can change the Constitution of India. Congress leaders have accused the BJP of wanting to change the Constitution.