Karnataka’s Hubbali on boil; 21-year-old woman stabbed to death by jilted lover

Hubbali (Karnataka): In a tragic turn of events, a 21-year-old woman was fatally stabbed in her own home by a classmate residing in the same neighborhood. The grisly incident unfolded on a Wednesday morning, when the assailant, identified as Vishwanath Sawant, 23, gained unlawful entry into the residence of the victim, Anjali Ambiger.

With brutal force, the perpetrator slit the victim’s throat and inflicted fatal stab wounds to her neck, resulting in her immediate demise. Anjali’s lifeless body was swiftly transferred to KIMS hospital in Hubballi.

Both the victim and the perpetrator resided on Veerapura Oni in the Old Hubballi area. Anjali worked at a catering company, while Vishwanath was employed as a passenger auto driver.

According to police reports, Vishwanath had persistently pressured Anjali to accompany him on a trip to Mysore, which she adamantly refused. This refusal may have triggered the violent outburst leading to the heinous act. Investigators from Bendigeri Police station are diligently examining all conceivable motives, including the possibility of a spurned romantic advance.

This lamentable incident comes mere weeks after the tragic demise of Neha Hirenath, 24, who was also slain by a former classmate named Fayaz within the premises of her college campus.

Expressing solidarity with the grieving family, Hubballi Dharwad central MLA Mahesh Tenginkai visited them at KIMS hospital, urging authorities to swiftly apprehend the culprit and ensure justice is served. In response, law enforcement has assembled a specialized task force to probe the murder and track down the perpetrator.

Anjali, who had lost her mother several years prior, resided with her grandmother. On that fateful Wednesday morning, Vishwanath barged into their home, encountering Anjali at the doorway. In a frenzied attack, he assaulted her mercilessly before fleeing the scene, leaving Anjali sprawled in a pool of blood.

During the altercation, Anjali’s grandmother sustained minor injuries while attempting to intervene. CCTV footage captured the assailant fleeing the scene, further aiding the ongoing investigation.