In High Spirits: Anuradha Redefining Indian Single-malts!

Panaji: Women empowerment in the Drinks Industry. Ahoy! When we talk about what the future of the liquor industry looks like, their favorite drink trend, and how they’re blazing a trail for the next generation, you might recognize a few familiar faces. Anuradha Balivada started her entrepreneurial journey in 2009, she is co-founder of Cheers Group along with her husband Dr. Mohan Krishna, the world’s first liquor marketing Doctorate.

Today, one of their well-known brand, Three Monkeys Indian Single Malt whisky, is distilled at Imperial Distillers, Kundaim, Goa which sits at a bespoke destination overlooking the Mandovi River

Now, more women are free to pursue their careers and therefore, more financial freedom. Women are allowed to freely drink without being frowned upon. There is more social acceptance around women and alcohol. Bars and pubs not only welcome but celebrate women’s independence as part of their marketing strategy. Events like ‘Ladies Night- -half price drinks’ etc.

“It was a night/day experience. I’m happy to see all the advancements taking place in the Cheers group. With Covid and the increase of flexibility in where you work, how you work, all of that, it’s been beneficial for me as a mother and wife” says Anuradha Balivada.

“To appeal to women, alcohol companies have gradually developed different drinks, which tend to be sweet, pink, fruit-flavored, or low calorie. Gins are a new rage too. Their marketing strategies evolved as well. Where alcohol marketers used to regularly objectify women to sell alcohol to men, they now often align brands with fun, sophistication, female friendship, and empowerment” adds Anuradha.

With whisky sales booming, brands are rejiggering their creative approach to appeal to a broader audience than their traditional male consumer base. “With women now representing the sizable percentage of whisky lovers, we are focusing on our array of Indian Single-malts on integrating women into its marketing, both behind the scenes and on-screen with designer decanter bottles” claims Anuradha.

Today, the Cheers Group is an internationally acclaimed, highly innovative beverage alcohol conglomerate with a stunning portfolio. The group is a manufacturer and exporter of a variety of new-age beverages and has a presence in India and international markets with its award-winning brands.

“We are shaping the Future of Indian Single-malts by Redefining marketing strategies. Having so much say in the process has been a cool experience, especially being able to collaborate with people around. We’ve had a hand in everything from bottle design, to the brand name and, of course, a lot of taste tests. We are excited to share a fun, delicious portfolio that will be the life of any party!” adds Anuradha.