Discover different Secret Blends from World-over in The Great One Sun whisky

Panjim: If you’re looking for a smooth but memorable sipping option, blended whisky is a popular choice. Blends are generally less harsh and softer than other whiskies, so they’re great for new or whisky connoisseurs. The best blends are full of unique complexity and character, but each distillery and blend has its signature style. The Great One Sun Handcrafted whisky is ultimate.

The Great One Sun Handcrafted whisky is an International Blend that aims to set a new standard by being the “First in India” to blend vatted Scotch malts, Indian Aged malts and premium grain spirits also other International spirits together. The blend is crafted exclusively by revered award-winning master blenders of the Cheers group.

Blending the best of different continents combined, The Great One Sun is India’s first international blended whisky and is the most premium expression. This makes it perfectly suited to tickle the taste buds of connoisseurs and beginners alike.

“Consumers are starting to recognize and seeking high-quality, premium spirits with clean ingredients and realizing that they gravitate towards brands that elevate whisky drinking experience like The Great One Sun Handcrafted whisky,” says Dr. Mohan Krishna, founder of Cheers group.

The ingredients do the magic. It’s delicately blended with high-quality aged Scotch Malts from the highlands of Scotland with aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon whisky from The United States of America using impeccable craftsmanship of other international spirits. As a result of this, a world-class unique blend has been created for the decerning consumers.

“The Great One Sun Handcrafted whisky is reimagining and reinvigorating the way people taste and talk about premium whisky. We are so inspired by our founder’s passion for whisky and his drive to change how whisky is viewed by consumers. I knew I had to be a part of this journey. Together we’re elevating whisky, with a very distinct blend from multiple countries including Scotland. Our blend has no artificial flavoring substances and is designed to challenge expectations” says Ashwin Balivada. CEO of Cheers group.

“I think right now people have a keen eye on what ingredients are in the drinks they consume—there’s a trend toward wellness and smart drinking. I think the future of the spirits industry looks like cleaner spirits, fewer additives, fewer colorings, and chemicals. The Great One Sun Handcrafted whisky is at the forefront of this movement” says Dr Divya Balivada, Global Creative Director of Cheers group.

Undoubtedly, an approachable whisky for all palates. Crafted as nature intended “The Great One Sun” handcrafted whisky derives wholesome maltiness, honeyed sweetness, a delicious creamy texture, and as much character as the Highlands of Scotland!