Decision on seat sharing in I.N.D.I.A. bloc will be made after Surya Uttarayan: Akhilesh

Ballia (UP):  Commenting on the seat sharing in the I.N.D.I.A. block,  former Uttar Pradesh chief minister  and Samjwadi Party President, Akhilesh Yadav on Saturday said here that a decision will be made as soon as Surya Uttarayan occurs.

Yadav was talking to reporters in the district’s Bisukia village. In response to questions regarding seat sharing and other decisions in the INDIA bloc, he said, “It (INDIA bloc) will take a decision very soon by taking the SP and other parties along. Let the Surya Uttarayan take place.

All decisions will be taken as soon as the Surya Uttarayan occurs.” Surya Uttarayan occurs from Makar Sankranti (January 14).

He further stressed that “the SP is in the INDIA bloc with full responsibility. Information about who will be given what responsibilities in the alliance, will be provided very soon.” “One thing is clear that not only Uttar Pradesh, but the people of the country also want to remove the BJP,” Yadav further said.

“The dream of ‘developed India’ cannot be fulfilled by reducing the budget of pradhans (village heads),” he claimed On the Ram Temple issue, he said, “Religion cannot be a part of politics. The BJP will have to answer these questions whether the farmers’ income doubled or not, whether the youth got employment or not.

“Since the BJP does not have answers to these questions, it hides behind religion.” When asked about attending the consecration ceremony of the Ram Temple, he said, “The BJP’s people are saying that only those who have the invitation letter will go. Our stand is that when god calls (someone), even the BJP will not be able to stop him.”

He said, “If we feel like seeing it (the temple), will anyone be able to stop us? How can the BJP decide whom to invite and whom not? This does not mean a call from Lord Shri Ram, it is a call from the BJP.” In response to a question about his claim for the post of the prime minister, Yadav said, “Sometimes even those with less (seats) become the prime minister. But for us the main thing is that the BJP loses.”

He said, “The question is not who will hold which position. You are from Ballia, here (Chandrashekhar) has been the prime minister. You understand these things and also understand all the circumstances. Sometimes even people with fewer seats become the prime minister.” In 1990, Chandrashekhar became the prime minister with the support of the Congress despite having lesser MPs in his party.