Consensus in G20 leaders’ declaration result of India’s inclusive approach: Dhankhar

New Delhi:  Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Thursday credited India’s inclusive approach and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision and thick commitment for global welfare for the consensus in the G20 Leaders’ Declaration.

He also said the G20 Leaders’ Declaration is not a document but a historic declaration.

“What is indicated therein spells out how, in future, nations will conduct themselves in accordance with a legal regime and global order,” Dhankhar said.

He said the document is a global acknowledgment of India’s role in bridging the North-South divide and overcoming the strong East-West polarisation.

“Both these aspects had headwinds. They were not on centre stage. Our prime minister worked hard, has a vision and he got it executed and fructified in the shape of the declaration,” Dhankhar said.

The vice president made these remarks at the finals of the G20-The Indian Navy Quiz (G20-ThINQ) here.

He said the declaration is a recognition of “Bharat” as a voice of peace and moderation in a world ridden with divisions.

Dhankhar urged the participating students to continue to pave the way for a future where collaboration knows no bounds.

India hands over the G20 presidency to Brazil next month.