Cheers Group unveils Decade Aged Special Malt Whisky Collection

 Panaji (Goa):  India is being crowned as the world’s largest consumer of whisky as its consumption as a nation in the world is around 242 million cases annually. 


And, one of the country’s leading producers of world-class whisky, the Cheers Group, has now come up with a new brand which is appropriately named Decade Age, an old Special-malt whisky. It is also an exclusive offer from the country’s luxury spirits conglomerate, Cheers Group, which enjoys a wide range of award-winning rare and exceptional whiskies with best-sellers, and limited editions. 


Decade is 100% all-natural special malt whisky with no add-on flavors. It’s a distinctive hand-crafted whisky born out of Master Blender’s passion for whisky-making. It is blended to perfection with premium Indian grain spirits, for that full-bodied, peaty character. 


The brand is a pioneer in driving initiatives that can be easily redefined as super-premium whiskies. Decade Aged special malt whisky, has been put through the metaphorical wringer to create a spirit with great taste. With the layered complexity that can only stem from double charred wood, which leaves it with nutty butterscotch notes, and a smooth toasted wood and vanilla finish that lingers just long enough. 


“Decade Aged special malt whisky comes with an extraordinary bottle having half-green and half-clear glass– a first-of-its-kind two-color combo. The quality of this whisky simply gives greater choice for the whisky connoisseurs as this is the only whisky in the blended Indian Aged Special malt whisky category” says Dr. Mohan Krishna, founder of Cheers group. 


“Decade Aged special malt whisky provides our connoisseurs with an engaging and experience-led way to enjoy aged Indian special malt blended whisky in a luxury style stunning bottle,” says Ashwin Balivada, CEO, of Cheers Group, who mastered Business Management from Cambridge University.


“We’re proud to have elevated Decade aged special-malt whisky experience for our discerning consumers, providing them with an enjoyable and seamless way to explore the premium luxury category,” says Dr. Divya Balivada, Global Creative Director, Cheers Group, who acquired business talent from Edinburgh University Scotland.


“In today’s increasingly automated world, it’s our crafts people’s pursuit, passion, and endeavor that makes our Decade aged special malt whisky so unique and ultimate” adds Ashwin.  


“We scoured the globe for procuring a masterpiece like the Decade half-green half-clear special bottle. After a long and careful search, we found the few glass artists left with the skills to create a spectacular bottle this balanced, beautiful, and functional,” adds Divya. 


Undoubtedly, Decade aged Special-malt whisky comes with an element of surprise: the extra-tall gentle curvature bottle of sculptural quality of the Craftworks and off course superb liquid inside. It is a great whisky at a stunning price, too! And Cheers Group says Cheers to all whisky lovers not only in India but across the world!!