BJP’s Pralhad Joshi slams Rahul for using foreign soil to ‘tarnish’ country, dubs him ‘Fake Gandhi’

New Delhi: Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi on Wednesday hit back at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his remarks in the United States targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Joshi described the former Congress president as a “fake Gandhi” and as a person “who knows nothing” but has become an expert on everything.

At an event in Santa Clara in the US, Gandhi took a dig at Prime Minister Modi, describing him as a “specimen” who could start explaining to God how the universe worked.

“That is the disease. We have a group of people in India, who are absolutely convinced that they know everything. In fact, they think they know even better than God. They can sit down with God and have a conversation and explain to him about what is going on. Of course, our prime minister is one such specimen,” Gandhi said.

Hitting back at Gandhi, Joshi claimed that the Congress leader’s knowledge of history did not go beyond his family.

“It is funny how someone who knows nothing is suddenly an expert on everything. A man whose history knowledge does not go beyond his family is talking about history,” the senior BJP leader said.

“A man who claimed to produce gold out of potatoes is giving lectures about science and a man who never ventured beyond family affairs now wants to lead India’s warfare,” Joshi said.

“No Mr. Fake Gandhi! The core of India is its culture. Unlike you, who use foreign soil to tarnish the country, Indians are very proud of their history and can very well defend their geography,” the Parliamentary Affairs Minister said.

Gandhi was speaking at the ‘Mohabbat Ki Dukaan’ event organised by the Indian Overseas Congress USA.