Amit Shah launches IFFCO’s nano DAP fertiliser

New Delhi: Cooperation Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday launched IFFCO’s nano (liquid) DAP fertiliser for commercial sale at Rs 600 per 500 ml bottle, less than half of the current price of conventional DAP, to help India cut its import dependence.

One 50 kg bag of conventional DAP (di-ammonium phosphate) is currently being sold to farmers at Rs 1,350.

A bottle (500 ml) of nano liquid DAP, the world’s first, will be equivalent to one bag (50kg) of conventional DAP.

On the occasion, Shah urged the farmers to use nano (liquid) DAP fertiliser as it will increase farm productivity without impacting the soil health.

He said the usage of nano-liquid DAP will help India become self-reliant in fertiliser production.

The government provides subsidies on conventional DAP, but it will not give any subsidy on nano DAP.