2014 is not a date, but a change; people rejected outdated phones to accept us: PM Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched a fresh broadside against Congress as he termed 2014 as not just a date but a ‘badlav’ (change) when people rejected outdated phones with frozen screens to choose a government that has transformed the landscape.

Speaking at the India Mobile Congress here, Modi reeled out statistics to show how India has turned into an exporter of mobile phones from being an importer and how big tech companies — from Apple to Google — are lining up to become manufacturers in the country.

“2014 is not just a date, it is ‘badlav’ (change),” he said.

Modi took swipes at Congress-led UPA, saying just like outdated phones whose frozen screens wont work no matter how many swipes were done or buttons pressed, the previous government too was in such a frozen state.

“A restart, or charging the battery or even changing the battery did not work,” he said. “in 2014, people left such outdated phones and gave us an opportunity to serve the country.” After rolling out the fastest 5G mobile telephony network, India is making strides towards establishing itself as frontrunner in the realm of 6G, he said.

The world, he said, is using ‘made in India’ phones.

India has reached 43rd position in mobile broadband speed from previous rank of 118, he said, adding four lakh 5G base stations have been set up within one year of 5G roll-out.

The prime minister said giving citizens access of capital, access of resources and access of technology is priority for the government.