Western media’s hidden agenda exposed

(MS Shanker)

Yet again, a rattled so-called international media like BBC, Reuters, and Guardian, over India’s envious growth, has brazen them all to call the most dreaded gangster, Atiq Ahmed, who was killed at Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh, a hero.

While the colonial mindset BBC has described him as ‘Robinhood’, the other media houses as former lawmakers killed in broad daylight in India. Well, Atiq Ahmed, maybe a former MP, but which party made him? It’s Samajwadi Party. Even his brother, also killed in the attack by rival gangsters was a former legislator. Which party did he represent? Are the lawmakers above law? Don’t such incidents happen in their countries? That this media is fast losing its professionalism is evident from its failure to know the facts of these gangsters, especially Atiq Ahmed, who is involved in more than 100 heinous crimes of land grabbing of helpless poor and also murders. He and his entire family members are indulged in such crimes and facing cases. Even his wife is at large, scared to face the law of the land.

Such a scurrilous campaign at the drop ofa hat by these media houses was only to defame India as a bad country where the minorities are being persecuted timeandagain and were only aimed at putting spokes in the overall development of India as a nation.  Did they ever dare to carry out a similar campaign where the minority Hindus is being persecuted either in Pakistan or Bangladesh? No, they won’t, and that is their hypocrisy. Ironically, their supporters within India can be found in the form of the Opposition, who seems to have realized that they cannot stop the Modi-Shah juggernaut in the democratic process.

Their disappointment is borne out of the fact that when no blood was shed, no sooner Home Minister Amit Shah,surprised many one fine morning by announcing the abrogation of Art 370. As a result, Jammu and Kashmir havefor all practical purposes become part of yet another state in the Indian Republic. Although J&K was an integral part of India after independence, it was allowed to hoist two flags as well as enjoy special privileges through the financial packages. 

The same Western media time and idea cried foul over genocide and what was not in the valley and criticized the most disciplined Indian forces. To carry out an anti-India campaign, they may stoop to any level and this was evident from a documentary on none other than the world’s most popular leader and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. That apart, their indulgence in some of the agitations which include the agitation against farm laws brought most democratically by the Modi government help the farming community across the length and breadth of the country.

Added to that was another ‘manufactured agitation’, which too was funded by foreign agencies against CAA, meant to provide shelter to Hindus who were subject to persecution in neighboring Islamic nations like Pakistan and Bangladesh. But, a patient Modi government instead bore the brunt and managed to resolve these issues meticulously, to ensure the country’s development plan never get disturbed. And, the same media is also unable to stomach and digest the success story of the most dreaded panic like Covid. They should feel ashamed that more people died in their countries than in a thickly populated India.

That apart, they were also shocked at the pace at which the Modi government has not only developed health infra but also ensure Indian pharmacy develops world-class vaccines and helps as many as 84 nations, including the US. That being the focus of India, these Western media are abetting the Indian opposition which is bent upon whipping up communal passions, as their mainstay in Indian politics since independence has been on surviving on a minority Muslim vote bank.

Against that backdrop, the Western media, a fresh attempt to stoke the fire on the dreaded gangster Atiq Ahmed’s killing to suit their agenda. That 140 crore Indians are solidly behind the present government, barring the discredited Indian Opposition as well as their patronizing few media houses who sold their souls for a few dollars. This is evident from the way India’s biggest state, Uttar Pradesh, with a population of over 25 crores, which may be of the entire size of Europe, making strides in development.

The state chief minister Yogi Adityanath, a saint for all practical purposes, has brought around development in the state during the last six years and the Rs 35L crore investments that pour in recently during the ongoing G20 summit, stands testimony of his honesty to get the state get rid off these unsocial elements like land mafia or drug mafia. And, who patronizing these elements is also well known, which the discredited and unprofessional Western media opts to push under the carpet. That’s the sad saga of their deteriorating professionalism.