YS Sharmila lambasts Naidu, only Jagan anna bring bacck YSR glorious era


(Online Desk)

YSRCP leader YS Sharmila who kickstart her electioneering on Saturday claimed that every poor person, farmers, women, students indeed enjoyed  under “Rajanna Rajyam”.

“He always looked for the welfare of the people irrespective of caste, religion, and political party,” she told a gathering of his late father and former chief minister of undivided Andhra Pradesh, Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy.

But, she said Chandra Babu Naidu, who had promised loan waiver for farmers had failed to implement it during his last 5 years. Now, he launched “Pasupu Kumkum” scheme to cheat women, she alleged. He even failed to construct permanent structure in Amaravathi, but shamelessly promising, if given a chance again, he will make Andhra Pradesh as Singapore.

He also stormed to with the slogan “Babu Vasthe Job Vasthundhi” but ended up giving job to his son Nara Lokesh. Naidu made a record of 600 promises during 2014 elections but none of them were implemented. As the elections are approaching he started his “Politricks” coming up with fake schemes and promises just to get into power.

“Should you believe him? Raise the slogan “Ninnu Nammam Babu,” she thundered amidst thunderous applause.

She also took pot shot at his son, Lokesh, who also happens to be the IT Minister.

“Lokesh doesn’t even know the difference between Jayanthi (Birthday) and Vardanthi (Death Anniversary), but was made a Minister for three portfolios. While his son got 3 jobs, common person didn’t get any job notification,” she alleged.

Naidu and Narendra Modi cheated the people of AP by not giving Special Category Status. In the earlier elections he (Naidu) is in alliance with BJP, now he is in alliance with INC.

Naidu also irresponsibly accusing YSRCP for having alliance with KCR, but without any concrete proof.  She reminded people how he tried his best to have an alliance with KCR since three months.  She saidm YSRCP doesn’t need any alliance with either INC, BJP or TRS as people are with them to ensure a massive verdict with bumper majorities across the state..

Jagananna through his “Yuva Bheri” and other protests talked about Special Category Status and its only because of Jagan, Naidu started protesting for Special Category Status, she reminded the people.

“For the past 9 years, Jagan anna always fighting for the peoples welfare working amidst them. He travelled 3,648 kms and met all sections of people to understand their problems. Give ‘Rajanna’ son a chance. On coming to power Jagan anna, will give Rs. 12,500 in the month of May. DWCRA loans will be repaid, Rs. 75.000 financial assistance will be provided to women between 45 to 60 years, Fee medical facilities under Arogyasri”, she assured.

Jagan anna should come back to bring Rajanna Rajyam and he is the only leader for the development of Andhra Pradesh, she reiterated.