Why every genuine Indian needs to stand with Modi now?


(Col Mool Bhargava)

The Nupur Sharma case is no more about BJP Modi or Indian Muslims. The picture is getting clearer and clearer that this was a well planned and coordinated attack on Hindu civilization. Nupur Sharma’s case was just pretence. The cabal of Islamic dictator nations is being propped up by anti India Anti Hindu cabal of West and China against resurgent billion Hindus.

The Hindu identity is getting stronger and vociferous since Modi has come to power in India. Even the meekest Hindus have started showing off their identity and demanding respect for Hindu civilization which was trampled for hundreds of years. This became clearer and clearer after the Gyanvapi survey and demands for similar surveys by various Hindu groups

Untiring efforts of RSS and BJP leadership brought classic change with Hindus demanding equal treatment and respect on national and international forums. Muslim countries flooded with oil money and Western counties flooded with loot money, have always considered Indian especially Hindus as cheap labour and nothing else. Most of us may not even know that in Qatar, the most vociferous Muslim country in this episode, Indians are dominant labor force, more than even the Qataris. And if Indian Hindu identity gets stronger, Hindus out there will be able to see eye to eye with their employers and seek respect. This is highly unacceptable to Arab dictators.

With USA being under left cabal led by Biden and India showing middle finger to it in Ukraine War, it was obvious that from their perspective, India needed to be stopped where it belongs. Easiest method is to destablise the stabilizing agent through coordinated propaganda, internal violence and political unrest. When Asian nation’s economies are falling like pins, India stood firm under Modi and BJP. So, attack the middle pole and the whole tent comes down crumbling.

Protests in Ahmedabad, Vadodara over Nupur Sharma's remarks on Prophet  Muhammad | Cities News,The Indian Express

Nothing better than using Jihadis and anti BJP family based political party’s network using a religious issue, weak nerve of India since centuries. Nupur is just a name, any statement by any important Hindu leader would have resulted into this aggression by Islamic world which pretended to be India friendly till yesterday and Modi tried to keep it that way.

As a national leader, you don’t want to open up too many fronts at one time till nation achieves a certain mass and momentum. Not even China does that. So decision to expel Nupur was taken, firstly to let the storm die and secondly take out Nupur from public stage to safeguard her physical safety. But as I said, that Nupur was just pretence. These forces know very well that action or no action, Modi will get destablised. If he didn’t take action against Nupur, the Islamic fundamentalists, internal and external, will go on relentless violence with international support.

If Modi expelled Nupur, which he did, his own support base will make sure that he is destablised. They remember their lessons from Panipat wars while Hindus never remember it. They know Hindus curse only their own and run at the first arrow hitting their leader dumping him to the enemy. That’s exactly the BJP supporters and Hindus seem to be doing now. From Kashmir to Nupur, Hindus forgot what Modi has done so far, but are baying for his blood for acts of Islamic jihadis.

Well done jihad lobby, the central pole is shaking.

But my advice to all Hindus is, hold your horses, have faith, stand with Modi and let world know that Hindus will stand against all threats and conspiracies and not let a pro Hindu regime become a casualty. No Hindu should think that they can dump Modi and get another leader in middle of this battle. Even Yogi is not an option for now. So Hindus, don’t get cowed down, Rise Roar and Revolt against unity of international jihadi cabal. Else, be ready to remain slaves for another thousand years.