Who’s responsible for Spiraling Delhi’s Violence?


(Brig (retd) GB Reddi)           

No point in Judiciary blaming the Delhi Police for the spiraling violence in Delhi. Even the Supreme Court is equally responsible for their prevarication and procrastination in delivering judgments on the constitutionality of the CAA.

Add to it, the Delhi High Court failing to take cognizance of over two months long “Shaheen Bagh” by women protestors against the CAA, NPR and NRC.

Judiciary must take note of Newton’s “Third Law of Motion: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” explains the “spiraling of Delhi Violence”.

If political leaders of a particular community invoke “Hate Speeches”, naturally there will be reaction by the other community leaders. Its ultimate result is hatred against each other and it is not easy to wipe out the deep scars ingrained and embedded into the psyche.

Tolerance and patience have also limits. The Muslim protests resulting in paralysis and hate speeches 24×365 are the trigger for Hindu, Sikh, Bhuddists and other religionists have heightened concerns about Islamist terrorism.

The vocabulary of firebrand Muslim leaders is explicit: “Islamist supremacism”, “communitarianism” and regaining Islamist “power.”

Remember the judiciary always that Islamist separatism is incompatible with freedom and equality.  So, it is incompatible with the Indian Republic based on its present Constitution and contra unity of the nation.

Asaduddin Owaisi, his brother Akbaruddin Owaisi,  its spokesperson, Waris Pathan and many others are equally responsible and accountable for triggering mobilization of Muslim groups all over India to paralyze governance.

Why are they to be held squarely responsible and accountable for the escalating violence? It is simple. They have deliberately exploited “political Islam” to mobilize and consolidate Muslims to wage war against the “Kafirs”.

They are the real culprits who, in the name of a religion, are pursuing a political project, that of a political Islam that wants to secede from our Republic.

Asadduddin Owaisi invoked took the oath ‘Allahu Akbar’.

In his controversial remark made in 2013, the Akbaruddin Owaisi had said that if police is removed for 15 minutes, “we (Muslims) will finish 100 crore Hindus”. As per media reports, he has also made “Hate Speech” in Karimnagar, Telangana, in Novermber 2020.

On 20 February 2020, Waris Pathan has hit out at those who have objected to Muslims protesting against the government and said members of the Muslim community may be as less as 15 crore but they can give a fitting reply to the majority community if needed.  Now it’s just the Muslim women who have rattled the entire country but when the entire community comes together, it will have a bigger impact.

Of course, the Popular Front of India (PFI) has been stridently pouring “Hate” over the Ayodhya Court Verdict and inciting violence in Uttar Pradesh. E. Abubacker, Chairman , and, Anis Ahmad, National Secretary PFI have also been making “Hate” speeches.

Thus, the build up for protests to paralyze cities and virtually impinging on the rights of the common man is not one-off sudden eruption but cumulatively built-up.

Almost all cities and towns in India have “Mini-Pakistan” hubs – perfect breeding grounds or real hotbeds of Islamist radicalism due to their perceived marginalization, crime, and unemployment.

In retrospect, Islamist radicalism must not be viewed purely from terrorism. In fact, nonviolent Islamist groups, wh­ile largely operating within the boundaries of the law, propagate an interpretation of Islam that drives a wedge between Muslims and non-Muslims, contributing to polarization and harming integration.

And, nonviolent Islamists provide a conducive ecosystem that aids the recruitment efforts of jihadi groups.

Following the increasing Muslim population due to their uncontrolled natural growth rates and illegal migrations, there is  growing sway of Islamist groups that seek to push members of local Muslim communities to detach from mainstream society—mostly through preaching but also through various forms of social pressure, intimidation and, occasionally, violence— and resort to alternative legal, educational, and social systems.

For obvious reasons, terrorist attacks get all the attention from policymakers, judiciary, security services, and the media. The activities of nonviolent Islamists, on the other hand, tend to be ignored: They are mostly legal, rarely flare up in dramatic incidents, and often bring (sometimes justified, sometimes not) charges of racism and Islamophobia to those who highlight them.

It is, therefore, high time that the debate over Islamism is debated with increasing openness and nuance. As per experts, in a long term context, the threat posed by legalistic Islamism to the liberal democratic system is greater than that of jihadism. They aspire to an Islamist order, but are prepared to allow certain democratic elements within that framework. For this reason, their extremism is often barely recognizable at first glance.

If the judiciary is keen to ensure restoration of peace and order not only in Delhi but also in all other cities and towns, they must direct law and order machinery of all States to act against protestors against CAA, NPR and NRC firmly and decisively.

Most important, all those political leaders irrespective of their political affiliations making “Hate Speeches” must be detained based on Non-Bailable Warrants until cleared legally. Judiciary must not show any pity and remorse against such hate-mongers in pursuit of political ends. No point in the judiciary blaming the police or security forces.

For the Judiciary, the real test case is in their court: Shaheen Bagh Protests. Following the failure of the “Mediators” to play a constructive role, the Judiciary must decisively direct the Police to impose curfew and disperse the “Protestors” by using water cannons and other means.

If the “Spiraling Violence” is not controlled with an “Iron Hand”, then a horrendous communal genocide is a distinct prospect. And, none should blame the police or other security forces including the Armed Forces.