Wake up – Buffoons of Hindustan?


(Brig (retd) GB Reddi)

Readers/people must reflect on the following observations to appreciate what is likely to unfold in future in India considering the postures of political leaders and parties over the Kashmir issue.

Kashmir Valley happenings – Paradise turned into HELL?  Virtual reality on grand display 24 x 365!

Who is responsible for it? Indian political leaders or parties since 1947 or Pakistan or Huriyat Separatist leaders or people or media?

Nehru, Indira Ghandy, Sheikh Abdullah and his brood, that is, Farooq and Omar Abdullah, or Mufti or Mehbooba Mufti, Ghulam Nabi Azad and other Congress Party leaders, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, LK Advani, Modi and other BJP leaders,

Huriyat separatist leaders – Abdul Ghani Lone, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Sheikh Yaqoob, Mohammad Abbas Ansari, Abdul Ghani Bhat, Yasin Malik and others.

LeT, HM, HuA, JeM, HuM, Al Badr, JUM, HuJI, Al Umar Mujahideen, Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) and others.

Blaming Pakistan for the crisis proliferation in the Valley is quite normal. Even a layman on the streets knows about it. So, why is the political leadership in Delhi cutting across all parties fretting or crying hoarse on it? India is giving a ‘free ride”; Pakistan is taking us on it.

No need to repeat that political leaders, Army, ISI, separatist leaders in exile, diplomats and so on are abetting violence in Kashmir valley.

Sentiments and sensitivities cannot be changed overnight by homilies delivered from Delhi. Emotions have been aroused to a very high acrimonious level. So, no place for reason. What is being enacted in Kashmir valley is the vicious game for the “Throne” or seat of power in the first stage.

Set your house in order first is basic ruling to take the fight into others.

Civilians, protestors, agitators, stone pelting mobs, anarchists, militants, separatists and terrorists.

How to differentiate between who is who with mobs rushing at the police and storming police stations and security forces posts and camps?

Why should any civilian be part of the stone pelting crowds particularly with masks covering their faces?

Who should be blamed for the violence and casualties – police and security forces or people or political parties or separatist leaders or Pakistan? Who used force first – stone pelting mobs or police or security forces.

Blame those who violate curfew orders? OR, blame the separatist leaders who give call for Bandhs and protests? OR, blame the blind men of Hindustan – all political parties and leaders for their total failure to resolve the deadlock over the past 67 years?

What is the role of media? Is it spreading sensationalism or cacophony knowing very well that it spreads and consolidates social divide? Behavior of panelists and spokespersons?

Intra media wars resulting in provocative diametrically opposite views and positions fair in the already surcharged crisis proliferation in the valley?  Can the slant or twist given by visual media anchors be drubbed as anti nationals more heinous than separatist leaders?

Social networks vs. visual media vs. print media?

Role of judiciary – scathing comments on human rights violations against police and security forces. Judges must be made to lead the waves of stone pelting mobs pleading for peace. Why are they not performing their magisterial roles on the ground?

  • Viewed from a macro level perspective in a holistic manner, people must decide on the appropriateness of following:
  • Secularism is a romantic ideal or misplaced dream or myth or mirage.
  • Appeasement cannot win over the hearts and minds of people of Kashmir valley having failed to do so during the past 67 years.
  • Can consolidation of alienation caused over the past three decades due to loss of trust in governance due to dynastic politics, rampant corruption and excessive use of force could be recovered by pedagogic statements made from New Delhi?
  • Why talks with separatist leaders who are under the spell of ISI and Pakistan ever result in conciliation? What is the appropriate action against them?
  • That too, with the separatist leaders internationalizing the issue and embarrassing India’s image among other nations
  • What are the implications of stalled processes to restore normalcy?

In retrospect, the cliché “Buffoons of Hindustan” is a more apt description of our political leadership class rather than the “Blind men of Hindustan.”

Some political leaders and parties are shedding “Crocodile Tears” over the children’s educational and future prospects.  Also, sustainability of livelihoods due to loss of tourism inflows. Well, who is to be blamed for such a self perpetrated losses?

Well, it is high time for people of valley to realize that by persisting with violence in the streets, they will only end up in their own self destruction like the people of Aleppo and other cities in Syria and Iraq.

For none of the political leaders and parties can afford to concede to the demands of separatist leaders demands. It is the bottom line that should be realized by the common man on the streets of valley.