‘Vote for BJP fearlessly, vote against bad governance’: PM attacks Mamata at Brigade rally


(Online Desk)

Attacking the Trinamool Congress, Congress and Left Front, PM Modi on Sunday said that the 2021 elections will be fought between the ‘Anti-Bengal’ forces and the voters of the poll-bound state.

“The dream of ‘sonar bangla’ will be fulfilled. Today, I have come here today to assure you of Bengal’s development, to increase investment here, to protect Bengal’s culture and to bring change,” he said during the Brigade rally at Kolkata.

“The next 25 years are very important for the development of Bengal. The development here in the next 5 years will lay the foundation for State’s development in the next 25 years,” he added further.

“In this Assembly elections, there are TMC, Left and Congress, and their anti-Bengal attitude on a side. On the other side, there are people of Bengal. Bengal wants ‘shanti’, ‘sonar Bangla’, ‘pragatisheel Bangla’. This Brigade Parade Ground has been witness to many great leaders and also witnessed those who have disrupted West Bengal’s progress. People of Bengal never left their hopes for change,” he said.

“You know it very well how the democratic system has been destroyed here. BJP will strengthen this system. We will bring the change to re-establish public belief in govt systems, in the police, and the administration,” he said while attacking the Mamata Banerjee-led state government over the state’s deterioting law and order.

“I have come here to make you believe that we’ll work hard for farmers, businessmen and the development of sisters and daughters. We will live every moment to fulfill your dreams,” he added further.

“They made promises to work for ‘Maa, maati, manush’. But you tell me, has TMC been able to bring change in the lives of common people here in the last 10 years? The people of Bengal had chosen you as ‘Didi’ but then why did you remain the aunt of a nephew? The people of Bengal are asking only this one question from you,” Modi said while lashing out at Mamata.

“Some days back, when you rode a scooty, everyone was praying that you are not hurt. It is good that you didn’t fall, otherwise, you would have made enemy the state where the scooty was manufactured. Your scooty took a turn towards Nandigram instead of going to Bhawanipore. Didi, I wish everyone well and don’t want anyone hurt. But what can I do if the scooty is destined to fall in Nandigram?,” he said.

“My opponents say that I work for my friends. Who we grow up with are our best friends. I grew up in poverty hence I understand the plight of poor people living in every corner of India. I work for my friends & will continue to do so,” Modi remarked while taking potshots at Opposition parties.

“TMC ka khela khatam, vikas shuru…vote for BJP fearlessly, vote against bad governance. These people are experienced people and play a lot! They have done innumerable corruption and looted the people of Bengal. They have even looted the relief money sent for Amphan,” he said.

“I have known Didi since ages. She is not the same person who raised her voice against the Left. She speaks someone else’s language now and is being controlled,” Modi said while attacking the Bengal CM.

“Tolabaazi, syndicate, commission cut! You have done so many scams that a ‘Corruption Olympics’ game can be organized. You have played with the hard-earned money of the people and their lives,” he said.

“You’ve pushed Bengal towards separation instead of development, and thus the lotus is blooming. You’ve divided people on religious lines, and thus the lotus is blooming,” the PM added.