Vikas Bahl to direct Indo-French film ‘Interpreter’


Mumbai:¬†Filmmaker Vikas Bahl is excited to direct a cross-culture movie tentatively titled “Interpreter”, which will be an Indo-French co-production.

The director will helm the project and has roped in French star Kev Adams in the lead role whereas the search for the leading lady, who will be a big name from India, is still on.

“We are still in the process of finishing the script but it seems like we will shoot here as well as in France. It’ll be a co-production. With a big star from there and a good star from India…,” Vikas told reporters last night.

“Its truly a collaboration… coming together whether it’s the writing or the actors, production. It is not just about going to another country, getting funds from there and shooting. Usually there are part collaborations which happen but this will be a pure collaboration,” he added.

The “Queen” director was speaking at an event last night where he announced the film.

Vikas said it all started when he was working with the Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi, who was on a trip to India for a movie.

The “Shaandaar” director formed a good rapport with Majidi but the duo depended on an interpreter to talk.

One day, however, when the interpreter wasn’t there, they couldn’t communicate because there was no common language.

Thus, the idea for the film was born almost five years ago.

“It is about two families, cultures meeting and how they deal with each other. But primarily it’s about the language.

It is the language which enables and disables you at the same time. It’s much more based on that,” Vikas said.

Kev said he was highly impressed by the director’s “Queen” and is looking forward to working with him.

“This is an important project for me as it’ll be my very first Bollywood movie, if we can call it like that. I really wanted to meet Vikas and we met. I loved the modernity and message he gave through Queen.”

“Interpreter” will be backed by Phantom films and Reliance in India.