Untold story; Even Rajaji as Governor-General opposed ‘Operation Polo” in Hyderabad!!


(B Someshwar Rao)

It was Mir Kamaruddin Chin Qilich Khan, son of Aurangzeb’s soldier who founded the state of Hyderabad, which fell under British occupation in 1766.

Seventh Nizam Mir Usman Ali Khan was in power in 1947 with 85% Hindu population out of 1.6 crores, their own coinage, currency and stamps.

However, Police, Army and other civil services were Islamic bastions including Assembly. When Mountbatten’s partition plan was announced in 1947, Nizam declared Hyderabad an independent state on Jun. 12, 1947 albeit a dominion state under British Crown at par with Bharata and Pakistan.

Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen was a terrorist organization based in Hyderabad, known as Razakars, headed by Kasim Rizvi had been inciting riots all around. He somehow managed to install his friend as so-called Prime Minister, proceeded to Delhi and warned Sardar Patel not to meddle in Hyderabad as they would never surrender to Bharat, Hindu-s were happy under Nizam rule and that they were prepared to fight to death.

Warning was the last thing that Sardar Patel could tolerate and he replied laconically, “How can I stop you from committing suicide?”  Kasim continued delivering rabidly communal, minatory speeches all over and declared, Asaf Jahi flag would fly at Lal Quila. Advised by British and Islamic minions, Nizam enlisted port facilities and rail connectivity at Goa from Portuguese, mine-leases in Bastar, renovated air-fields, acquired weapons, recruited Muslims and British soldiers in his army, allowed Muslims from other states to migrate into Hyderabad, converted SCs to Islam and traumatised Hindus in all possible ways.

Sardar Patel declared in no uncertain terms, “Hyderabad problem will have to be settled as has been done in the case of other States. No other way is possible. We cannot agree to the continuance of an isolated spot, which would destroy the very Union which we have built up with our blood and toil. At the same time, we do wish to maintain friendly relations and to seek a friendly solution. That does not mean that we shall ever agree to Hyderabad’s independence. If its demand to maintain an independent status is persisted in, it is bound to fail.”

Proposal of every action in Hyderabad used to be promptly neutralised by Gandhi-Nehru-Mountbatten-Rajaji Gang. Even British press and important British politicians were anti-Bharat, pro-Nizam and least bothered about security of 85% Hindu population from 15% Razakar-beasts.

As usual, malevolent Dickie Uncle continued lecturing Bharat over being reasonable to Nizam, adopt ethical and correct behavior towards Razakars etc. irrespective of their monstrous conduct towards Hindus in Hyderabad. All that combined with Nehru’s indulgence towards Nizam emboldened Razakars to monstrous extremes. While Sardar Patel was fed up of negotiations by Oct. 1947, Standstill Agreement was signed with Hyderabad valid for a year, Rs. 20 crores were loaned to Pakistan by the Nizam, more arms were ordered by them and criminal activities of Razakars heightened.

Before leaving Bharat on Jun. 21, 1948 after completion of his term as Governor General, Mountbatten managed an agreement with terms favorable to Nizam as a farewell gift for him that Sardar Patel promptly signed being certain of that being rejected by the Nizam. And it was promptly rejected by the Nizam. After Mountbatten left the country, Sardar Patel laughed and cracked jokes on the agreement to KM Munshi.

First hint of impending tough action in Hyderabad he conveyed to NV Gadgil on Jun. 21.

Mayhem by Razakars on Hindus turned worse by August 1948 and Sardar Patel ordered to march into Hyderabad in spite of opposition not only of Nehru, but also Gov. General Rajgopalachari.

Nizam had transferred a large sum of Govt. money to Pakistan’s account in London. When these developments were raised by Sardar Patel in a Cabinet meeting and recommended military action, the last Mughal Nehru shouted on the Home Minister, “You are a total communalist and I shall not accept your advice.” Sardar Patel remained unperturbed, walked out with his papers, stopped attending cabinet meetings and even talking to Nehru thereafter.

The last Mughal wanted to handover Hyderabad issue to United Nation so as to create another festering sore on the nation. Sardar Patel’s daughter Maniben Patel quoted him in her diary thus, “I don’t want the future generation to curse me that these people when they got an opportunity did not do it and kept this ulcer in the heart of India…It is States Ministry’s function. I am very clear in my mind, Nizam is finished. We cannot keep this ulcer in the heart of the union. His dynasty is finished.’

After the plan was approved by Cabinet, Nehru was furious and rebuked Dr. SP Mukherjee for supporting Sardar Patel and warned him, Pakistan might retaliate by bombing Calcutta / Bengal!!

Nehru was shocked to hear from Dr. Mukherjee that Bengalis and Calcuttans had enough patriotism to suffer for a national cause followed by sarcastic remark, Bengalis would be overjoyed to know Hyderabad being captured by Maj. General JN Choudhary, a Bengali.

Jinnah died on Sept. 11, 1948 hence British General Bucher wanted the operation cancelled or postponed, but Sardar Patel would have none of it. He described opposition of the last Mughal Nehru and Gov. General Rajaji as “…wailing of two widows as to how their departed husband (MK Gandhi) would have reacted to the decision involving such a departure from non-violence.”

Zero-hour for Army to move into Hyderabad was postponed twice under intense pressure from Nehru and Rajaji on appeals from Nizam, who had been buying more time to strengthen himself.

On third occasion of Zero-hour, Army moved into Hyderabad even before Nehru-Rajaji combine could exert pressure of Sardar Patel. It was just four days of operations that Hyderabad surrendered on Sept. 18 and Maj. General Chaudhary, the Military Governor, continued till Dec. 1949. An oppressive and rabidly communal dynasty was thus completely destroyed by Sardar Patel.