“The LABRODOG Launched In Scotch Decanter”

(Our Special Correspondent)

The award winning Luxury Scotch whisky the Labrodog Double Cask was unveiled in one-of-a-kind 750 ml custom crystal decanter with a stylish closure is an unrivalled masterpiece.

The look of light refracting through Scotch held in a crystal decanter is a vision of gentility. Presenting Whisky in this fashion is conspicuously posh, borderline pretentious but oh-so warm and inviting.

The Labrodog blended Scotch whisky initially launched in India early 2017, was a sellout success. “This limited addition Crystal Decanter pack has been launched recently just in time for Christmas shopping as a good gesture for continued customer support and the Labrodog’s fan following all through the years” says Dr. Mohan Krishna.

The Labrodog a brand that has often led the way in innovation: it was the first regular Scotch launched in a pot still styled classic green bottle with an individual wooden case in 2017.

The brand also saw increased Google searches and sales increased significantly during the pandemic too.

“The Labrodog brand is intended to attract younger drinkers, including millennial and Gen Z consumers who have come of age, and look for varied ways of drinking Scotch rather neat or on ice” says Ashwin Mohan Krishna.

“When you have a winning team and determination, you can really do great things” adds Dr. Divya Mohan Krishna.

Scotch is a classic drink; it’s a legendary type of whisky that is highly esteemed, and Scotch drinkers take their favorite drink very seriously. Lovers of such a renowned, distinguished drink deserve only the greatest Scotch gifts. A good Scotch in an exquisite bottle all the more enhances their Scotch-drinking experience to its fullest.

The Labrodog crystal style decanter is radiant, the perfect gift for any lover of Scotch who surely appreciates. Their Scotch will stay fresh inside the beautiful decanter—a much better choice than keeping it inside a bottle. When it’s time for a drink, they can remove the stopper and pour their fresh, delicious Scotch into a glass and enjoy.

The tasting notes carried by this incredible Labrodog Double Cask blended Scotch whisky is one of the most impressive expressions that gives off aromas of dried fruits, dark chocolate with a velvety palate, and hints of sweet, mellow smokiness.

The Labrodog Double Cask is the first Scotch whisky brand to be launched in India with Decanter pack at affordable Price @ Rs. 1350/- for 750 ml in Goa.

Undoubtedly it’s one of the most exquisite Scotch whisky that you must try to expand your horizons, and explore the spirit of Scotland in every sip. Cheers!