T-state Dy CM Mohammad Ali puts foot in the mouth  

(Valentine Wilson) 

The Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana  Mr Mahamood Ali seems to have put his foot in the mouth.  His faux paus came when he commented on a day when Pusrla Sindhu was felicitated by the State Government with a huge bounty of Rs. 5 crores at the Gachibowli stadium.

Ali said, in his over enthusiasm perhaps that “We are proud that Sindhu had won a silver at Rio,  we are ready to provide her with a better coach who should help her win a gold in the next Olympics”.
This has certainly not gone well with Gopi’s supporters.  An appaling statement at a time when the whole nation was celebrating Sindhu’s success.
Ali may not have meant what he said.  He was naive. Now that he has said what he wanted to say, he would have have realised the damage that he has caused.   Surely an apology will be in place, sooner or later.
The Deputy Chief Minister may have been overawed by the situation and made the “slip of the tongue”  comment.   Certainly, Sindhu would not dare ask for a change in coach.   She knows that she is what she is, all because  of the dedication shown by Gopi Chand.  He has mentored, not just coached her.  Apart from the nuances of the game, Gopi has inculcated an immense sense of discipline. The coach too has made a lot of sacrifices for his highly talented protege.
Already a few feathers have been ruffled.  But knowing very well, that Mr Ali might have meant to say something else, this controversy will soon be swept under the carpet.  Having learnt his lesson surely, he will think twice before he opens his mouth and will be more be careful in future.
The silver medallist was given a tumultuous welcome at the airport and was accorded a grand feliitation at the Gachibowli Stadium, where the State Government had announced a bonanza of Rs 5  crores to Sindhu and 1000 sq yards land  and Rs one crore to coch Pullela Gopi Chand.
No one grudges Sindhu and Gopi getting the cash rewards.  They richly deserve every penny.  But announcing Rs. 50 lacs for Dipa Karmakar  seems a bit overboard.   If the State Government wanted they could have given Kidambi Srikanth atleast fifty per cent of that money and the rest for developement of sports in the rural areas.