T-State BJP welcomes Agriculture Bills introduction in LS, benefits farmers at large


Hyderabad: The state unit of BJP on Friday has welcomed three farm sector Bills that passed in Lok Sabha, on Thursday.  It expressed confidence that they too will get through Rajya Sabha to become laws soon.

“The state unit congratulates our Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his government’s path breaking reforms in Agriculture sector. We consider these reforms historic. These reforms were also of dire need since independence, and previous government’s lacked the courage,” said the party’s state chief spokesperson K Krishna Saagar Rao.

He said, the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre is determined to make farmers prosperous and agriculture a viable occupation even to a small landholding farmer. And, that dream is likely to be realised through these new Laws.

Achieving industry status to Agriculture sector, he said means bringing in massive private investments into  full spectrum of farm sector activities. Then only any government can help transform the lives of small and poor farmers.

According to him, these landmark reforms will ensure multi-fold profitability, lowered risk for small farmers, and increase the commercial value for their produce. Farmers, hereafter will be able to sell their produce at competitive prices and also earn alternate incomes, as middlemen and exploitation cease to exist.

He blamed the Congress and Left parties for trying to manufacture protests across the nation, misleading and confusing the farmer community.  Especially, on the reforms initiated by Modi government. Congress has kept farmers dis-empowered and exploited them for decades. It has not taken any initiatives to empower farmers, in over five decades of its mis-governance.

He further alleged that the Congress and its regional allies have promoted middlemen, ensured farmer community to stay un-organised, to suit their political agenda. “It’s a shame that these parties are trying to lead agitations against courageous farmer empowerment reforms initiated by Modi government,” he added.

He said the state unit wishes that farmers to better understand new reforms initiated by the Centre for their overall prosperity and freedom from exploitation – both by middlemen and the markets.

Krishna Saagar Rao felt that these new Laws will unleash the potential of the Agriculture sector and create sustainable and robust agri infrastructure, besides more employment to increase productivity, which will benefit small and poor farmers the most.