Sushant Singh & Maha Injustice


(K Krishna Saagar Rao)

Maharashtra State Government has failed miserably in providing justice to the kin of Sushant Singh Rajput. The young actor died under suspicious circumstances and heaps of circumstantial and prima facie evidence suggests, a possibility of a murder. Even after 60 days, the Mumbai police has not completed the inquest proceedings, and has not filed any FIR. police have not arrived at any conclusion on the ‘cause of death’ and surprisingly even the ‘time of The death’ in 60 days.

It’s a well-known fact that Mumbai police is an efficient police force. They have solved many big crimes and have even saved the nation’s economic capital from many terror plots in the past. I don’t think, arriving at conclusion through an investigation on a suspected death of a Bollywood actor, will take 60 days for Mumbai police.

The political interference in this suspicious death case is clear from the day one. The pressure on Mumbai police to ‘not investigate’ this case and let the case die a natural death is so high, that the top police bosses of the department have sacrificed even their personal and departmental reputation. One can imagine the ‘special interest’ of someone very higher up in the government to scuttle this case badly.

The bogus investigation into this high-profile death case has certainly put not just the Maharashtra police department in docks, but also the state government.

Maharashtra state government led by CM Udhav Thackery is an alliance government built on the foundation of political opportunism. Not even a year into the administration of the state, CM Udhav Thackery seems to be losing it all. It could be his lack of experience in managing a state government or a serious emotional dilemma to protect some one very dear involved in this death case, either way, Udhav has made a mockery of justice in Maharashtra.

How did CM Udhav Thackery imagine, that his government and police department can get away with daylight sabotage of a case which has drawn national attention? How did his ‘Man Friday’ Sanjay Raut imagine, that by making personal threats, using political statements, arousing regional sentiment, his government can get away from its responsibility of delivering justice to the family of Sushant Singh Rajput?

Supreme Court has taken cognizance of everything Mumbai police did not do in this case, as per well laid out standard operating procedures in investigation of a suspicious death case. Supreme Court ordering a probe by CBI into this case is beginning of the end to the opportunistic and criminal politics of Shiv Sena led government in Maharashtra.

CBI will certainly find the actual cause of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death and will also investigate into circumstances and individuals connected to it. If someone big in the state government is involved in this case, and has any connection with possible murder of Sushant Singh, it will certainly end not just the sloppy cover-up of this case by Maharashtra government, but also the stability of its coalition.

CM Udhav Thackery, his party and his alliance partners will certainly put up a big fight using all political tools they can line up. They will use federalism, hyper-regionalism, and even communalism, to distract and stall CBI investigation into this case from today, if they must protect those involved. It is a certainty that Maharashtra state government will try its best to scuttle CBI investigation from day one.

However, I am quite certain that the people of Maharashtra, and those across India will not allow more political theatrics in the investigation of this case. Sushant Singh Rajput’s suspicious death case is not just about justice to his family, but it will also expose a pattern of elimination of select actors from Bollywood using ‘Suicide’ theory. It will expose the Politician-Bollywood-Mafia nexus. The lust for money of successful actors and actresses, un-healthy competition, turf wars, honey traps for executing these devious plots, will all be exposed.

Bollywood has been for a long time in the hands of a syndicated few and has become a cesspool of black-mailers, extortionists, looters and even murderers. The visible practice of ‘insider-outsider’ is a tribal practice in Bollywood and does not reflect the modern open economic model, which provides access to the best talent and excellence.

It’s a shame that the biggest names in Bollywood who have extracted the best from the entertainment industry, have not spoken a word for their fellow actor who died in glaringly suspicious circumstance. They have been mute spectators to the botched-up police investigation from day one, after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. It is extremely unsettling to see those who have made hundreds of crores, are still scared of standing up for justice, in the fear of losing more opportunities to make more money.

It’s horrendously shameful that some of these actors even have prefixes like ‘Bollywood’s first family’, ‘Bollywood Badshah’, ‘Bollywood Bhai’ etc… but did not live up to their ethical duty of standing up for their colleague. The least they could do, is to seek justice for his family and a legitimate investigation into his death. Is that asking for more?

Maharashtra has inflicted great injustice to Sushant Singh Rajput, his family and his true friends. He was betrayed by both the state government and his industry colleagues. In fact, it looks like few people connected to these two institutions might have even murdered him in cold blood. CBI should bring the perpetrators to justice. (The Author is the Chief Spokesperson of BJP / An Organizational Strategist & A Global Leadership Coach.)