Sonia pays rich tributes to Balamuralikrishna


Chennai: Congress President Sonia Gandhi today paid rich tributes to Carnatic music legend, the late Balamuralikrishna, saying India will always cherish his memory.

The musician’s death was an “irreplaceable loss to music lovers, not just in India but in many parts of the world,” she said in a condolence message addressed to the vocalist’s wife, Annapoorna.

Balamuralikrishna weaved an enthralling web of melody, harmony and spiritual force and brought joy, solace and radiance into the lives of audiences, she said.

“His voice was unique in its combination of richness and range, souful fervor and technical virtuosity,” she said.

“To hear him was to realise the power of great music to transcend the barriers of language and culture, and to transport listeners to a realm that evoked the highest and purest instincts of humankind,” she added.

The vocalist’s music touched hearts and souls across generations, regions and nations, she said and asked which Indian can forget his rendition in the national integration song “Mile sur mera tumhara.”

“It became an enduring favourite with so many of us, including myself and (then) Prime Minister (the late) Rajiv Gandhi,” she said.

“India will always honour and cherish the memory of the legendary Balamurali ji and strive to keep alive his legacy,” she said.

The musician leaves behind a priceless heritage in his compositions, “in the bridges he built between Carnatic and Hindustani music, his artistry on the violin, veena and mridangam, and in his unforgettable renditons of much-loved classics,” she said.

Gandhi’s condolence message was handed over to Annapoorna by TNCC President Su Thirunavukkarasar, the party said.

The body of 86-year-old Balamuralikrishna, who died here yesterday, was cremated today.