SCR’s Vijay div loads record 3000tonnes of essentials


(Online Bureau)

South Central Railways’s Vijayawada Division has created a record of sort handling 3000 tonnes of essential commodities for ferrying through various destination through Special Parcel Trains during the lockdown imposed in the wake of Corona crisis.

To keep the supply chain intact, Vijayawada Division, according to an offiicial pressnote claimed that it has focused on supply of essentials by progressively transporting large number of commodities through Special parcel trains to different parts of the country.

During the lockdown period a total of 3000 tonnes of essential commodities like lime, iced fish, eggs, ghee tins, mangoes, perishables, other essentials,  including 60.133 tonnes of medicines were transported to various destinations from Vijayawada, Rajahmundry, Eluru, Gudur, Nellore and Anakapalle stations of the Division till date. Among fishes, the dry fish alone recorded the major share in parcel loading in the Division by  1750 tonnes during lockdown starting from April 2 to Howrah, Guwahati & other stations.

During the month of May, Division loaded approx. 2000 tonnes of consignments, which is many times higher than the average loading during normal course. The following details are commodity wise loading particulars of Vijayawada Division from April 2 to May 31.

Commodity Weight (in Tonnes)
Fruits 109.64
Medicines 60.133
Fish 1750.8
Eggs 134.08
Lime 158.88
Ghee tins 54.33
Other Essentials Commodities 730.93


For the convenience of rail customers, train movement details and information have also been fed along with train numbers on the National Train Enquiry System (NTES) to keep track on the live status of the Special parcel trains.

P. Bhaskar Reddy, Senior, Divisional Commercial Manager congratulated Commercial & Operating team of the division for registering record loading during lockdown by meticulous planning, strict monitoring, maintaining punctuality and co-coordinating with cargo aggregators, merchants for registering the demands.

He said that care was taken to ensure that the parcel vans are properly sanitized before commencement of loading and further, during the loading process, necessary precautionary measures were also adopted in terms of proper physical distancing by the staff deployed in loading of the commodities into parcel vans.

He also said that booking of Parcel & Luggage shall be permitted in the notified Special trains & AC Specials passing through the Division from 01st June, 2020 as per Railway Boards instructions.

Interested parties, merchants & aggregators are requested to contact helpline number of zonal commercial control office (9701370083) or Office of Sr. Divisional Commercial Manager, Vijayawada & Chief Parcel Supervisors at respective stations for loading essential commodities.