Prakasham SP’s new ‘Guru-Shishya’ concept; truly an inspirational ‘mantra!’


(Press Release issued by the Superintedent of Police, Prakasham district, Andhra Pradesh)

For the first time in the country, Prakasam District SP has enhanced the professionalism of HC & ASIs through JIO project to provide faster and better civic services to the people.

Prakasam District SP stands inspirational for true bonding between Guru and Shishya.

SP Prakasam Sri Siddharth Kaushal, IPS., had launched the JIO Project on 18.10.2019 with 456 HC’s and ASI’s at the Prakasam District Police Office last year. From that day onwards, the SP has organized a number of specialized training classes to train junior investigation officers on par with senior investigation officers thus crafting their future as an expert investigation officer. In the same way, a JIO would investigate every single case in the investigation as a case study, assuming every crime scene as a classroom, every officer investigating the case like a professor thereby transforming the Prakasam Police into a Prakasam Police University thus Prakasam police being the shining example for the other Districts, States getting all praises from the senior officers.

The SP stood as an ideal mentor to all officers and transformed them into true mentors by telling them the best investigative methods to be taught by conducting review meetings covering all JIOs in the district to review the progress of the case they were investigating and to make them experts in the investigation. In this process, The SP held a review meeting with JIOs of Ongole I Town and Taluka PS as Mentor-1, OSD K.Chowdeswari for Chirala I town PS, II Town PS and Rural Circle in Chirala sub-division, Additional SP (Admin) B.Ravi Chandra for Markapuram and Y.Palem Circles in Markapuram Sub Division, DSB DSP B.Mariyadas for Ongole II Town and Disha Women Police Stations, Ongole DSP KVVNV Prasad for Ongole Rural circle, SC, ST DSP P. Suresh Kumar for Singarayakonda Circle, Chirala DSP P. Srikanth for Inkollu Circle, DSP K.Prakash Rao for Addanki Circle, DCRB DSP AV Ramana for Darsi circle, Disha PS DSP M. Dhanunjayudu for Podili circle, Markapur DSP M. Kishore Babu for Giddaluru circle, Traffic DSP N.Surendra for Kandukur, Kandukur DSP K.Srinivasulu for Kanigiri Circle and Ponnaluru PS, CCS DSP A.Prasad for Pamuru circle.

Level-1 Mentor (Teacher-1) officers forgot their rank and stay close and friendly with JIO, enhanced their professionalism in a way that makes them feel confident in their investigation, and instilling in them the intellect and self-confidence to investigate any case by conveying the advice and suggestions given by Mentor-1 Mentor-2 from time to time. The SP laid the foundation for Mentor One with the aim of resolving the suspicions of the JIOs in the investigation and making the JIOs fully investigative officers by providing full assistance in the investigation of the case.

As part of this, today 17.04.2021, the JIOs Evaluation program was launched by the concerned police officers in all circles across the district. The SP spoke face to face with 62 JIOs from Ongole One Town, Ongole taluka PS at the district police office and inquired how many cases have they registered so far, how many cases are in PT and how many cases are pending. The SP spoke to Geo and said that they were still investigating and after examining the CD files related to the cases, he gave them the advice they needed in the investigation. The SP examined the CD files related to the cases and gave them the advice they needed in the investigation. Similarly, in each case, the SP himself instructed the merits and demerits in each case file and gave an in-writing procedure to be followed in completing the investigation. After the evaluation, In the case of the taluka police station 250/2021 u/s 323, 324 IPC, the SP along with 62 reached the crime scene near the Ravi tree in Rajiv Nagar and directly gave his advice and suggestions to JIOs on how to collect the evidence at the crime scene as well as how to record the witness’s statement under section CrPC 161, how to draw a rough sketch of the crime scene and other investigative matters.

As part of the program, Mentor-1 officers in all circles in the district have set up an Evaluation program with JIOs to thoroughly examine the cases they have filed and clarify the doubts raised by JIOs in the investigation and make expert investigating officers. Similarly, the SP introduced Mentor-2 (Inspectors) to conduct an evaluation program with the JIOs within their circles every Wednesday of the month and the Mentor-2 officers give advice and guidance to JIOs in the investigation from time to time.

Speaking on the occasion, SP said that all the cases were being investigated by the SI and higher rank officers before the launch of the JIO project hence the registration of cases in the district was also low but after the launch of the project, 90% of the cases are being investigated by JIOs and the remaining 10 percent (SC-ST cases, Special Grave and Grave cases) are being investigated by senior officials.

So far 456 JIOs have registered 15820 cases since the launch of the JIO project in Prakasam district. The SP stated that JIOs had investigated 15211 cases, of which they had completed investigation in 11998 cases and filed a final report in the court, while 3214 cases were under investigation.

When the SP himself examined the CD files of the cases registered by 62 JIOs in the Evolution program, he directed them to take the advice and suggestions of Mentor-1 and Mentor-2 to expedite the investigation into the pending case and lay charge sheets in the remaining cases.

During the event, JIO Head Constable 598 S D Hussain said that before the launch of this project he had feared to register and investigate the case on his own and would go on bandobast and patrolling duties rather than investigating cases

With project JIO, every junior investigation officer had to investigate cases, SP’s innovative method Mentor-1 and Mentor-2 approach had earned him investigation techniques. He also said that he had reached the level of gathering the necessary evidence so that the accused could be punished in court. Thanks to the JIO project introduced by SP, who ensured separate workspace for us in the police stations and gave us a unique identification and position among the public and the officers.

All this credit goes to our Hon’ble SP Prakasam Shri Siddharth Kaushal, IPS., and all the JIOs will be ever grateful to him. The JIO conveyed special thanks to the SP saying that, they all promise to be inspirational to others.

Additional DG Training Shri. Sanjay IPS highly appreciated the Prakasam district SP after knowing the fact that 456 JIO cases have registered and completed the investigation on their own to provide prompt services to the people by launching JIO project and congratulated the SP for yielding good results investigation.

After the evaluation program, the Mentor -1 and Mentor -2 officers played sports with the JIOs in a pleasant atmosphere and had lunch with JIOs.

DTC DSP G. Ramakrishna, SB-2 Inspector N. Srikanth Babu, Covid Cell Inspector Feroze, DTC Inspector Y. Srinivasa Rao, Command Control Inspector R. Rambabu, Ongole One Town CI Ch. Sitaramayya, Ongole taluka CI Sivaramakrishna, SIs and JIOs have participated in this event.