Not All Muslims Are Like Owaisi

(B. Someswar Rao)
Many people are irked by the rabid commual and provocative statements MIM’s  Salahudduin Owaisi or Arif Mohd Khan of SP. Such people deliberately try to provoke the Bajrang Dals and Ram Senas to react.
If India was proselytizing or expansionist there would have been many Hindu countries as ancient India, a maritime nation, had left cultural footprints in many countries.
While many nations became Islamic soon after their Muslim population crossed 30 per cent, none of those which had Hindu  or Buddhist temples and  stil celebrate our festivals is Hindu.
The fact that Hindus welcomed Islamic, Christian and Jewish people to settle here and set up their own places of  worship proves that ‘sickular and liberal’ elements alleging Hindu intolerance and saffron terror are wrong.  Like the Congress some do it only for votes or think it  fashionable; yet others just for adventurism,  like the psuedo naxalites.
Just as not all Hindus drink cows’ (or their own) urine, not all Muslims have four wives and a dozen children. Like Emperor Jehangir having many wives and concubines many Hindu kings had many wives till Rama set an example of loyalty to only one. No Hindu religious sect was exiled from India like Parsis from Islamic Iran or Ahmadiyas in other Muslim countries.
News media  abound in stories of sleeper cells in Kerala or Kashmir,  some Imams’ call to defy Corona lockdown or attack on health staff being directed from loudspeakers meant for Azan at moques or a cleric telling a congregation that Coronavirus will hit only Hindu kafirs and not Muslims. There was a video of a cleric praying for Hindu deaths..Luckily these are a minoity.
No one will deny that India’s best President ever (whose re-election Congress blocked to favour a dynasty-loyal who  was the worst ever) was APJ Abdul  Kalam. Similarly of those who rose above fanaticism one was Bharat Ratna Ustaad Bismillah Khan, a devout Shia muslim who was brought up in a friendly Hindu environment and used to do riaz in a temple. He disclosed at several fora that he was blessed by Hindu Gods and Lord Krishna had favored him with his deedar (darshan), revealing to him secrets of a new ‘Raaga’.
A young dark-skinned boy who played s new raga, repeated it at his request several times in a train he took to go to kumbh mela. Then the boy vanished!   Khan, a devout shua, spoke of Nada-Brahma (Brahma in the form of music). He  played the new raga at the kumbh mela concert, naming it ‘kanhaia’ raga.
Another such Muslim was Pt Ravi Shankar’s first wife Annapurna’s father Ustad Alauddin Khan and also his Guru. He was a  Muslim  but a devotee of Saraswati at a temple in Maihar, MP. When the king of neighboring kingdom of Rewa invited him to shift there and be his asthana vidwan, he refused saying he couldn’t leave Ma Saraswati. His daughter was named Annapurna and is said to be even a greater sitarist than Ravi Shankar. Similaly Savyasachi was the name a great Muslim poet in Bengal.held by some as greaters than Rabimdranath Tagore,  Kazi Nazrul Islam.
Before condemning Islam know that the Abrahamic Islam of Sunnis who are world domination is not the only Islam. There are also Shias, Sufis and many enlightened ones.  Not Quran but its interorientation by Mullas  and clerics  is to blame.