No death has occurred due to Covid-19 vaccination, says Harsh Vardhan


New Delhi: Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan on Monday stated that no death has occurred due to Covid-19 vaccination in the country so far.

Talking about the side effects of the Covid-19 vaccines, he said to ANI, “The side effects are minimal like swelling or fever. This sometimes happens during normal vaccination too. Hospitalisation due to vaccination is 0.0004 – it’s negligible. No death has occurred due to vaccination.”

The Union Health Minister further said, “If someone dies 4 days or 10 days after inoculation, you can’t link it to vaccination. Every death has been scientifically investigated. High powered experts committee evaluate it, no case has come yet that death is vaccine-induced.”

He also said that more than one crore frontline workers have been vaccinated so far and more than 20 countries are using our vaccines and added that questioning of the vaccines is politically motivated.

The second phase of the nationwide Covid-19 vaccination drive for age-appropriate population groups began on Monday with the Union Health Ministry calling out eligible people to get an appointment at respective hospitals in the country.