No, BSNL not giving free 4G data for 1 year, that offer message is a….


(Online Desk)

A new message has been doing the rounds on WhatsApp, asking users to click on the given link and  enjoy free 4G unlimited data and voice calls for a period of one year. How we wish it was true, but sadly it’s not. In fact, if you receive any such message be cautious as it is nothing more than one of those fraudulent messages sent by cyber-thieves to dig into your personal information and make money out of it.

The spam message reads: “BSNL 4G ExPress SIM Launched. With every 4G ExPress SIM you get unlimited data and calls for 1 year, with additional freebies.  BSNL 4G ExPress SIM features : Unlimited 4G Internet, unlimited calls, unlimited SMS,  4G internet speed upto 10 Mbps and free SIM card. Get your FREE BSNL 4G ExPress SIM Card Today. Offer is valid till 31st Dec, 2016. Register Now : “

Though the message comes with a link similar to BSNL’s official website but if you look closer, you will notice that the the ‘L’ in BSNL is a capital “I” which obviously is not taking to you to BSNL website. Once you click on the link, it will redirect you to some fake websites which will ask you to enter your personal details like phone number, address etc.

It is not hard to judge the authenticity of such fake website as they are usually full of spelling errors and ask you to download sponsored apps on every click of yours.  These apps are malicious and can harm your phone and use your contacts and other information. Hackers can take control of your phone and your Google account remotely through these apps and make money out of it. Internet has a massive dark world on the other side.

Hackers have found WhatsApp an easy target and therefore try to make the most of every opportunity that comes their way.  Last year it was Gold scam and this year it’s Jio. These cyber thieves are aware of the ongoing Jio war in the telecom market and realise that telcos are leaving no stone unturned to promote their free plans and offers. Only yesterday we had reported of an another similar scam where WhatsApp users are spoofed into believing that the message is sent by Airtel offering Unlimited 4G, 3G data for 3 months.