National Flag – Stop Hyper Politicization!


(Brig (retd) GB Reddi)

Making an attempt to give a political twist to sensationalize the unanimous decision by the Vice Chancellors of Central Universities over the issue of hoisting the “National Flag” is, surely, rank bad politics given the surcharged divisive political atmosphere prevailing in the campuses.

“How come that the Central Universities funded by the tax payers money have not deemed it absolutely a “MUST” to hoist a national flag on their main building” even after 67 years?

The Congress Party must accept responsibility for such a grave lapse to honor the national flag.  No point in berating the RSS in particular for not hoisting the national flag on their office in Nagpur until 10 years ago.

RSS is surely not in receipt of tax payer’s money from the government.  And, their nationalist or patriotic credentials need not be questioned unlike political parties who keep shifting their stand.

It clearly reflects the intellectual bankruptcy of not only the Congress Party but also all those supporting their stand.

Left to the Left Parties and their followers and sympathizers, they would like to fly the “Red Flag” on the ramparts of the Red Fort. Such is their phenomenal idiocy.  By monotonously pursuing antiquated and archaic ideology, they are only further damaging their own prospects in the country.

All the left leaders like Sitaram Yechury, D Raja, Brinda Karat etc., must go on a tour of educational campuses in China and learn from Xi Jinping’s “patriotic education” initiative to inculcate ‘pride and honour’ of the Chinese civilization over the Western civilization.

Let me make it abundantly clear that hoisting of national flag on all public funded institutions must be mandatory; and even private institutions should do so with their own flag hoisted adjacent to it.

Never too late for citizens of the country to realize the significance of the national flag! In fact, people must proudly display the national flag outside their homes, offices and work places.

All editors and anchors of news channels in particular must understand the many reasons why it is important to hoist the national flag on all public institutions at least.

It is high time that all editors of the visual media channels must display the national flag in front of them during the debates on a stand; and also display behind them on the screen at least for a few seconds.

It is to remember the ‘Flag’ as a national symbol at least for the future generations.

Let me recall the significance of our national flag. The flag stands for what we believe, the unity of our people and the diversity of our nation. It is symbol of what we fight for.

There are many interpretations of the symbolism of the national flag that includes: the top band of Saffron colour indicates the strength and courage of the country. As per another interpretation, it denotes renunciation or disinterestedness. It is the color worn in the spirit of detachment by the wandering renunciants, and is meant to remind political leadership in particular to conduct their work without seeking material gains, but rather for the good of the nation.

The white middle band indicates peace and truth to guide our conduct or honesty, purity and peace.

The last band is green in colour shows the fertility, growth and auspiciousness of the land or  shows our relation to (the) soil, our relation to the plant life here, on which all other life depends.

The “Ashoka Chakra” in the centre of the white is the wheel of the law of dharma or the cosmic law that upholds the order of the universe. At the crux of their faiths, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism all subscribe to the concept of the dharma. In this way the flag speaks to many, but not all, of the religious traditions that are present in India. Truth or satya, dharma or virtue ought to be the controlling principle of those who work under this flag. Again, the wheel denotes motion. There is death in stagnation. There is life in movement. India should no more resist change, it must move and go forward. The wheel represents the dynamism of a peaceful change.

Viewed in such significant context and content, why the negative politicization of the issue of hoisting national flag in all central universities?  Those criticizing the BJP for political opportunism need to answer a simple question.  What were they doing? Sleeping over such a key issue! Why did not they do it during their 50 years long rule? Why should they cry foul now?

If so called pseudo intellectuals oppose the hoisting of flags on public funded institutions, they need to get their ‘nuts’ examined by psychiatrists.

People of other nations not only hoist the national flag at homes, but also work places and proudly wear their insignia lapels on their dress apparel and stickers to their vehicles etc.

As a former soldier, I strongly believe that citizens must love their national flag for it represents the symbol of power or idea or spirit of the country. The bigger they are the more important people and the country look.

Flags are a beacon of hope and portrait of a nation’s historical past; and pride and freedom. A National flag is not merely to be looked upon as a symbol, but a way for a country to portray itself to the rest of the world. People must hold the national flag in the highest respect. Otherwise, they are patently disrespectful and disloyal to their own nation. 

Flags are meant to be unifying to a country, and many times are. A country that can look to its flag flown high above the landscape in times of trouble and remember that the country will go on. People that have never met before can feel unity towards one another knowing that they’re part of the same country and fly the same flag.

However, none should have any objection to place their own flags adjacent to the national flag. All that they should comply is to ensure national flag is flown above their own flag.

We celebrate the “Flag Day” for what purpose?  Except for mundane purpose of being seen celebrating the event by political leaders, hardly ever one make the younger generation to understand its significance.  Now more than ever, our fighting men and women deserve our support and our gratitude for standing in the way of those who want to attack us. We owe them, and particularly those who died, honor and remembrance.

Other than soldiers, the other people who are truly proud of our national flag are sportspersons like Sachin Tendulkar, M S Dhoni, Virat Kohli,  Sushil Kumar, and such likes besides thousands of spectators who proudly bear the insignia painted on their faces. My kudos goes to them.

At least those political and intellectual logger heads must learn from the ordinary man on the streets and stop politicizing the issue of hoisting national flag in public funded Central universities.

Let me highlight an “Ode to the National Flag”:

 Freedom and honor

Mother, dry your weeping eye;

For the honor of our land

And the dear old Flag I die.