Natalie Portman pays tribute to John Hurt


London: Actress Natalie Portman has praised John Hurt for his “incredible” performance in “Jackie” saying she was impressed by his willingness to learn.

The 35-year-old actress was left devastated by the passing of the veteran actor, who died of pancreatic cancer last week, as she adored working with him and his presence made a huge impact on the film, reported Female First.

“John was such an incredible human being, very, very kind, very easy to work with. We were shooting in really cold weather, doing difficult, very long takes, where he had a lot of dialogue. He was doing an Irish accent. He was just so good-natured and funny.

“The things he would come up with on his own between takes, Pablo (Larrain a, director) would say, ‘That’s better than what we have, just say that.’We didn’t rehearse, so really all that energy from him was apparent when we were filming,” Portman said.

Hurt essayed the role of a priest in the Jackie Kennedy biopic.