Naidu’s fraud on residual Andhrites


(M S Shanker)

It’s now loud and clear that, the residual Andhra Pradesh is not going to get Special Category State (SCS) status as promised at the time of bifurcation.

To the dismay of people of Andhra, the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Wednesday night with his statement had also put to rest such ‘demand’ forever.  However, the Finance Minister said the Centre would provide Special Grants to Andhra Pradesh as an alternative.

What does it mean?

  1. The Narendra Modi-headed BJP-led NDA government doesn’t honour the earlier Congress-led UPA-II government’s decision to bifurcate the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh.
  2. Although, not in so many words, the decision to turn down the unfair ‘demand’ for Special Category Status as the residual state doesn’t deserves to get it as per the laid down rules.
  3. Thus, the NDA government indirectly rejecting the way the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh was divided in a hurry without proper reasoning.

Interestingly the decision to consider providing ‘special grants’ to Andhra Pradesh, is nothing short of  part of ‘coalition dharma or drama’.  For whatever worth, the BJP could gain some foothold in residual Andhra Pradesh, thanks to its unholy alliance with the TDP.

The TDP-BJP alliance not only helped to prevent surging YSRCP, led by Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, but also scared the ‘power star’ Pavan Kalyan’s ‘Jana Sena’ from entering the electoral fray fearing possible humiliating defeat as his brother and ‘mega star’ Chiranjeevi faced in 2009 polls.

Who has to be blamed for the Centre denying or turning down the demand for Special State Category? TDP or BJP or both or electorate of Andhra Pradesh themselves for voting the TDP-BJP alliance?

Many political analysts feel that it was shrewd TDP chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu who hoodwinked the gullible voters of Andhra with his ‘false’ promises like the ‘farmer loan waiver’ as well implementation of ‘orally promised’ Special Category Status during the passage of Reorganization Bill in Parliament.

Many political analysts feel that it was the fraud of Congress committed on the people of Telugus by dividing them. Even Orangenews9 of the firm opinion that, the Congress would not have succeeded in committing such fraud without the TDP’s connivance.

Orangenews9 also feels that the BJP-led NDA government cannot be blamed for the simple reason as Narendra Modi himself had repeatedly stated during his election campaigns of ‘fault lines’ in the very bifurcation process or procedures.

Shouldn’t the electorate of Andhra see through the ‘game of TDP and give a befitting reply whenever they get next opportunity?