“Most Unique: Balivada Single Malt Launched in Crystal Decanter”


(Our Business Desk)

A decanter is all about celebration – you can celebrate anything, and doing so with a decanter elevates the moments regardless of your whisky experience without being too precious about it.

Balivada Indian Single-malt gains complexity from years of ageing in oak-casks, with the wood emphasising the structure and character of the spirit. This also gives Balivada its darker colour. The resultant liquid alcohol-strength is reasonably brought down, and then bottled in beautiful crystal decanter, making it a true collector’s item!

Balivada is the ultimate expression of Indian origin Single malt whisky in a spectacular decanter bottle meant to evoke the high-spirits. It’s a celebration of history of finest malt whisky making from the combination of copper stills and oak barrels.

“The designing of jewel-like ‘Balivada’ decanter bottle is just a class by itself.  The bottle had to excite not just you, but us. And so every element, each curve, edge, angle, and facet was meticulously considered in making of the decanter” says Dr. Mohan Krishna, founder, Cheers group.

“Glamour, texture, and finest quality Indian Single Malt whisky collide in Balivada decanter, which happens to also be functional, providing a solid grip for easy pouring” opines Ashwin Balivada, Executive Director, Cheers group.

“A decanter is really a statement piece – a way to create a little mystery. What’s inside should be worth the conversation it will start” says Dr. Divya Balivada, Creative Director, Cheers group.

“We used Lenticular label for Balivada (which is first of its kind in the liquor world) to create illusions of movement, depth and 3D. Through this optical illusion technique, we will be able to attract the attention on the shelf of the point of sale at the same time that we will contribute to significantly transform the image of our brand” adds Ashwin.

Balivada high quality Single-malt whisky with an affordable price tag is available in extremely limited quantities and can be purchased from across the walk-in stores in Hyderabad at a special price of Rs 3160 for 750 ml beautiful decanter bottle.