Molestation & mind set of political class 


(Brig (retd) GB Reddi)

The molestation incidents in Bengaluru and New Delhi during New Year celebrations confirm the pervert mindset of men, especially those in power.

Unless perverts place themselves in the role of a father or son or brother of their victims, they cannot understand the trauma and agony either the victim undergoes or the family as whole undergoes.

De jure, it is “total systemic failure” – Bad governance from top to bottom.

Everyone in authority know very well that such incidents would happen? Yet, they have failed to provide high order security both in Bengaluru and New Delhi. And, our political leaders and parties have mastered the art of politicizing such incidents to score brownie points by adopting “holier-than-thou” photo-op postures. As if this was not enough, responsible uniformed police bosses too behaving irresponsibly to please their political masters.

The blame for repeated recurrence of such ghastly incidents squarely rests on the shoulders of our lawmakers, the judiciary and the State government machinery responsible for maintenance of law and order.

The blame game is played out by all actors in the visual media. As usual, the blame is placed on the government and the abject failure of police. The fallout is simple: transferring and suspending low level officers and victimizing the victims.

It is followed by the demand for resignation by the Chief Minister, Home Minister and the DGP. Also, ordering a commission of enquiry to buy time to shelve the incident into background.

Let me highlight that those who think that India is a “Civilized” nation are inflicted by intellectual bankruptcy. We are living in a “Hawkish” milieu where “jungle or goonda raj” prevails.

Liberals must realize that Indian society is a multi layered civilization – stone age to technology age.  The society has civilized and barbaric people co-existing what with many other layers interposed between them. Each layer of civilization has different values, ethics and morals.

Those liberals who are against “Capital Punishment” or “Castration” should be sent to mental asylum for not realizing the social dynamics rapidly altering social environment.

A brief look at the data of criminal incidents reported in the Home Ministry’s Annual Report would clearly confirm the true state of “hawkish” environs.

The “Nirbhaya” incident happened almost 4 years ago in December 2012. The Delhi High Court delivered the judgment awarding death sentence to four convicts on 13 March 2014.

Let me recall the statement made after the gruesome murder after rape: “Rape is a Rape, Rape…..”  It is certainly brutal, barbaric and gruesome against hapless victims particularly against teen agers and girl child barely 5-years old….. Those pleading for mercy for such barbaric animals need to be sent to mental asylums.”

First, I blame the legislators to leave a legal loophole for perpetrators of heinous crimes against women by enacting “hanging to death” only in the “rarest of rarest of cases.”

Next, the judiciary is squarely to be blamed particularly the Supreme Court for its phenomenal delay. On 15 March 2014, the Supreme Court of India stayed the execution of the four convicts to allow them to file their appeal against their conviction.

As usual, the four convicts – Mukesh, Pawan, Akshay and Vijay – have filed appeal in the Supreme Court.  For one long year, the Supreme Court did not bother to take expeditious decision. What a shame?  Now, on 2 January 2017, the Supreme Court has woken up from their deep slumber and posted the hearing on Monday’s and Friday’s every week.  And, the 17-year old so called juvenile is roaming on the streets of the Delhi.

“Wake up” judiciary! No need to pontificate. “Justice delayed is Justice denied”.  It is high time that the laws against women must be formulated and implemented in a time bound manner if the punishment has to have a deterrent effect.

Yet another key step to overcome is the President’s decision for special pardon which would be certain in times to come from the convicts.

Next, the visual media must also realize that hyperventilation and sensationalism of incidents and public outrage and furor is temporary. And, ‘Media Hype’ and civil society activism, per se, cannot change the laid back ways of our legislators, judiciary and police.

The usual term invoked is “sensitization”, particularly of perverts, by civil society activists. It is easier said than done.

In retrospect, unless the ‘fear of the law’ is demonstrated to the public at large, molestation and rapes against women will continue to torment the society.

In sum, the talk of “Good Governance” is rubbish.  “Sensitization of the society”, the oft repeated ‘Mantra” by liberals cannot, per se, save women from the atrocities committed on them by perverts.

Political leadership is to be squarely blamed for not passing laws appropriate to the “chemistry of the Great Indian Divide” with utmost expedition. Not only they must pass strict laws to act as deterrent, but also ensure their time bound implementation and execution.