Modi set to act against Hurriyat leaders


(M S Shanker)

At long last, Narendra Modi led BJP government in Delhi appears all set to act against the separatists, Hurriyat leaders – in Jammu and Kashmir.

The intent to act has made waves in the media. But, its delivery or effective enforcement is to be seen to be believed.

All alike in the inside circles very well knew the funding and logistic support received from across the border by  the separatist leaders, Geelani, Malik and others, who abetted and instigated unabated violence in the valley.

Ironically, several Opposition parties, especially both the Left parties, the CPM and CPI, chose to be blind to the ground realities. Deservingly, they got rebuffed when they attempted to meet separatist leaders to negotiate a deal. And, the Left leaders, Sitaram Yetchury of CPM and A Raja of CPI, besides Sharad Yadav of Janata Dal (United) faced humiliation, when doors were shut by the same Hurryiyat leaders whom they wanted to participate in peace talks.

The latest is media outcry over the luxurious lifestyles of Hurriyat leaders at a great cost to the Indian taxpayers. De facto, it was known to all insiders for over the past three decades. Now that the media has gone overboard exposing the harsh realities of pandering and squandering of tax payers money, Modi and the BJP have no other option left but to act decisively.

If Modi and the BJP are strong, but not soft and weak-kneed, they must withdraw all the facilities including VVIP security cover for the “Separatist” leaders.

Why should security be provided to separatists when they are hell bent upon spreading insecurity in the valley thereby pose a threat to national security?

Modi and the BJP must realize, before it is too late, that “Appeasement” per se cannot win over the hearts and minds of separatist leaders hell bent upon acting against the national security interests at the behest of Pakistan.

Hopefully, better wisdom prevail upon the government after the Home Minister, Rajnath Singh’s briefing the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his return from his G20 visit to China.

Deeds must follow words. Otherwise, the speculation or reports in circulation over the Central governments hardening stance towards separatist leaders has little meaning.

Decisive actions must be initiated starting withdrawal of security and freezing of all bank accounts. It must be followed by arrest of bank account holders in receipt of foreign funding. Of course, foreign travel of separatist leaders must be stopped.

Otherwise, perception of people of Modi led BJP government as a spineless government will consolidate. People gave a majority to Modi led BJP in the fond hope of strong governance; not spineless governance.